Friday B-Movie Pick: Jake Speed

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Jake Speed

A wonderfully campy tip of the hat to the pulp novel series: The Executioner, The Death Merchant, Nick Carter, and yes, the classic are included. Doc Savage is mentioned by name!

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Excuse me, I was channeling Gary Trudeau there for a moment.

Congressman Charles Rangel, democrat from New York, has been found guilty of “knowingly accepted Caribbean trips in violation of House rules that forbid hidden financing by corporations.”

Now this is just the House “Ethics” Committee, not an actual criminal trial, so don’t expect much of anything to happen to Rangel.

Keep this in mind though. Rangel is also under investigation for repeated violations of the federal tax code.  Congressman Rangel (corrupt democrat from New York), is Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. That is the Committee that is responsible for the bulk of the laws on the tax code.

Even given the findings of the House “Ethics” Committee, Rangel is not stepping down from his leadership position on the Ways and Means Committee.  That is pretty much all you need to know about the level of contempt the democrat party holds the American tax payer in.

Update: More at Michelle Malkin’s blog. My favorite from the comments:

I predict Rangel will be appointed “Ethics Czar” by the Obama administration.

Update: The democrats embarrassing, and hypocritical, double standard on ethics violations.

Update: Gay Patriot has details on the so-called “the most ethical Congress ever” and it’s mismanagement by Pelosi.

Yet another democrat who doesn’t pay taxes

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This time it is a big democrat party fundraiser who paid ZERO state and federal taxes on annual income of $108 million dollars.

This is not an isolated incident. Democrats don’t seem to mind raising taxes because they don’t plan on paying any taxes.

Boston Street Sign

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Interesting street sign in downtown Boston.  It has a “Why So Socialist?” Obama sticker, right there in the heart of liberal land.

Calling Racists out to meet with actual diversity

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The ethically diverse members of the Dallas Tea Party movement are inviting the lilly white staff at MSNBC to come down and see actual diversity in action.

Monday Book Pick: Island in the Sea of Time

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Island in the Sea of Time by S.M. Stirling

Mr. Stirling got a lot of mileage out of this book, at least eight other books have been written based on this one, with only two being direct sequels. The story starts off with the island of Nantucket, and a Coast Guard training sailing ship that was just offshore, being transported back to the Bronze Age. That is good for a trilogy right there. What happended to to rest of the planet with Nantucket disappeared is good for at least two more trilogies.

Morning Round Up

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So posts from the tumblr staff pick political blog No Moss Here.

Tiger Woods and John Edwards had a better year than the Stimulus bill. — Senator McConnell on FNS 2/11/2010

I’m thinking of writing a book on national health care. It will be 2,000 pages, and you’ll have two hours to read it. — Ann Coulter

People tend to use hockey-stick graphs when they are trying to pull one over on you. Reality usually isn’t so tidy.

Rep. Joe Sestak (D., Pa.) said that the Obama White House offered him a job so he wouldn’t run against  Sen. Arlen Specter.

Obama’s “Big Lie” about his relationships with ACORN

Raw hate and racism from the left

No Moss Here a staff pick

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My tumblr blog, No Moss Here is currently a staff pick for a political blog.  I was wondering why I was picking up followers at such a rapid rate lately.

Thanks Tumblr staff!

Friday B-Movie Pick: Love at First Bite

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Love at First Bite

From 1979 comes this comic send up of the Dracula legend with a great comic cast. George Hamilton as the Count, Artie Johnson as Renfield, Richard Benjamin as the decendent of Von Helsing (who changed his name to Rosenberg for “professional reasons”), and Susan St. James as the love interest of both Rosenberg and Dracula. The movie starts out with Dracuala being kicked out of Romania by the Communist government and moving to New York City. It is a period piece (late 1970s, complete with a big dance number at a disco), but the gags are great and the cast really delivers.

Friday B-Movie Archive

Joe Biden: The anti-Dick Cheney

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I have to give my brother credit for this one.  He came up with the phrase a couple of weeks ago, before the current Sunday talk show shots by the former VP and the twit who currently holds the office.

First off, let us review some history. How did Dick Cheney become Vice-President of the United States of America? Well, while George W. Bush was cleaning up in the GOP primaries for the 2000 Presidential election, his team started thinking about a VP pick. First they looked at the man at the top of the ticket. A popular governor of one the largest and most populous states, a successful business career in the private sector, a former fighter pilot (flying an all weather interceptor, with a reputation for being tricky to fly, in the Gulf of Mexico during the Cold War), and was the son of former Vice-President and President, George H.W. Bush. Given all that, the thought was that he could be stronger in foreign policy, so the decision was made to shore that up with the VP pick.  That leads us to Dick Cheney, with a very impressive foreign policy resume, including serving as Secretary of Defense.

Ok, now let us skip ahead about eight years.  The democrats are about to turn the conventional wisdom on its ear and nominate, not Hillary Rodham Clinton, but some unknown first term Senator from a fly over state, as their Presidential candidate.  Let’s review the resume of Barack Hussein Obama.  Harvard Law, pretty good there, but what did he do with it? Well, he never held a private sector job.  He was elected to the Illinois state senate after getting his two opponents in the primary removed on a technicality at the last minute. Once in the state senate, his most common vote by far was “present.” Then he was elected to the US Senate after the sealed divorce records of his opponent were “somehow” obtained and leaked to a pro-Obama journalist.  Once in the Senate, he immediately started his run for the President’s office, spending less than 200 days actually performing his $175,000 a year job as a US Senator.   The democrats had a candidate with a painfully thin resume, and absolutely zero foreign policy experience.  So who did they pick for his running mate? Yup, Joey Biden.  The Senator who was washed out of the primaries as soon as the first batch of voters got to express their views on the subject. The same Senator Biden whose last run for the President’s office was derailed when his history of plagiarism was exposed.  Joe Biden, the one US Senator who only served in the leadership roles he could not be denied because of his time in office.

Joe Biden, who has singular reputation in Washington, D.C. for embarrassing himself, and his party, pretty much every time he opens his mouth (although the teleprompter adlib at the Air Force Academy was pretty good). Joe Biden, who as a long and spectacular career of being flat out wrong on just about anything he opens his mouth about.

So what did Joe Biden add to the ticket? The only thing that makes sense is that Barack Hussein Obama was secure in knowing that Joey Biden would never, ever upstage him. Obama is a more than a bit like the fictional character, Zaphod Beeblebrox, who said,” If there’s anything around here more important than my ego, I want it caught and shot now!”  Where Dick Cheney was selected as Vice-President for his experience and gravitas, Joe Biden was selected for his lack of experience and lack of gravitas. He is the Anti-Dick Cheney.

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