Quote of the Day

Greg Gutfeld nails it:

Look, this debate is basic: it’s small government vs. big government. So how cowardly do folks like Blood and Frank Rich have to be that they can’t man up and defend their love for collectivism? The only reason they scream race, is because that debate scares them. They know a racial accusation prevents dialogue, because such a harmful charge far outweighs any benefits of winning an argument.

Rev. Sharpton informs the American voters just what they voted for

Now, educated people on the right have been saying for a while that our Dear Leader‘s policies are socialist.

We now have some verification on this from the extremist left, by way of the Rev. Al Sharpton, who ran for the democrat nomination for President a few years ago.

The Rev. Sharpton makes the point that our Dear Leader‘s policies were pretty clearly socialist during the election, so people are just getting what they voted for.

Quote of the Day

You can count on a few things in this world. The swallows will return to Capistrano. Salmon will spawn. Canada’s geese will fly south for the winter. And tax cuts will create growth.

— Investor’s Business Daily

Marty Lamb is running for the 3rd Congressional seat in Massachusetts

Marty Lamb

Marty Lamb is a Republican running for the 3rd Congressional seat in Massachusetts.  He had his kick off meeting in Westborough, MA on March 26, 2010.   There was a very good turnout of supporters.

Marty, unlike our current congressman, is not a career politician and has actually worked in the private sector.  He has a lot of support from the local Tea Party movement and believes that “government’s primary role is to preserve, protect and defend your God-given gift of freedom, not to micromanage your life.”

Update: I have some of my photographs from the event posted.  Some of the other local bloggers who attended were RightWing Granny and Angel Fleming. Christen Varley of the Greater Boston Tea Party introduced Marty at the event.

Update: Marty Lamb has a very different view of the government takeover of the American Health Care system than the incumbent democrat, James McGovern.

Black is back!

When the US Army adopted the ACU (Army Combat Uniform) with a new digital camouflage pattern, the color black was not to be found in the pattern. The argument was the the color black is not found in nature. I’ve talked with members of the military who were on exercises with people wearing both the ACU and the older BDU uniforms (the BDUs had the woodland pattern) and was told that it was much easier to spot the people in the ACU at night.

It has been announced that the US Army is now producing a variant of the ACU with the MultiCam camouflage pattern. If you look closely at the MultiCam pattern, you will see that it includes the color black.

For now, the MultiCam pattern is only being issued in Afghanistan, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the more effective pattern make its way through the Army supply chain.

There are other changes being made to the ACU, based on feedback from soldiers in the field. One that caught my attention was replacing the Velcro ™ seals on the sleeve cargo pockets with buttons. Makes sense. Buttons are quiet.

Originally published at Urbin Technology