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Management 2.0

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

Howard Tharp makes the following interesting comment on what he calls “Team Player 2.0”

Thinking lately about the different kinds of team players.

It’s not about coming to eat birthday cake in the break room.

(Staying at your desk is fine. As a manager, I sincerely don’t see this as anti-social, though I myself like birthday cake. 😉 )

Another kind of team player is one committed to an overarching vision, one who won’t shut up about his or her ideas.

Evangelizing IS a team component. Doing what you’re told without engagement is not. And I don’t feel comfortable when I see staff members get accused of “not being a team player,” when they resist the status quo of more senior staff.

I’m starting to study how to cultivate and reward this new team player.

I think he is on to something here.