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Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Today’s roundup post is by Jonah Goldberg:

Democratic senator hired an unpaid intern who was an undocumented immigrant but a documented sex offender. Apparently Senator Menendez needed an immigrant to do sex offending that Americans won’t do.

Meanwhile, Representative Jim Moran is “embarrassed” by the revelation that his voter-fraud-orchestrating son smashed his girlfriend’s face into a garbage can and pleaded guilty to assault. The girlfriend appears to be doing what she can to make the story go away. But don’t worry, the phrase “war on women” may still only be used to describe people who don’t want to pay for someone else’s birth control. No word if anyone on the left will be expressing their gratitude for the Violence Against Women Act for this.

Over in Michigan, defenders of the union protestors who tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent are heading toward trutherism, suggesting that it was all a set up, the canvas-and-rope equivalent of the Reichstag fire. No word yet if anyone is claiming the Jews inside the tent got advance notice.

Oh, and after months — nay years — of rhetoric from the president and his proxies about how taxes are simply a sign of neighborliness and the dues we pay to live in this great country, we learn that Obama’s staff owe nearly a million dollars in back taxes.

And the Republicans are losing to these guys.

HT to Mr Reynolds, who is correct in his assessment.   Just another example of how you would rarely loose money betting on Congressional Republicans to screw the pooch.

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What is it with democrats not paying taxes?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Ok, it’s pretty damn clear by now that one of the reason why democrats are so eager to vote for any tax increase that comes across their desk is that have no intention of ever paying it.

Case in point, democrat Senator from Missouri, Clair McCaskill.  She just “forgot” to pay $287,000 in property taxes on her very own private jet.

Wait! It gets even better! McCaskill signed on in February as a co-sponsor of Senate legislation that would fire federal employees if they are “seriously delinquent” in paying their own federal taxes

Yup, by her own rules, democrat Senator McCaskill should be fired.

Wait yet again! There is still more!  What was McCaskill’s job from 1999 to 2007? She was the state auditor for Missouri!

So let’s review.  We have a current Senator and former state auditor calling for the firing of federal employees who are “seriously delinquent” in paying their federal taxes who just “forgot” to pay $287,000 in property taxes on her personal private jet.

What is no surprise is that Senator McCaskill is a democrat.

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Yet another democrat who doesn’t pay taxes

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

This time it is a big democrat party fundraiser who paid ZERO state and federal taxes on annual income of $108 million dollars.

This is not an isolated incident. Democrats don’t seem to mind raising taxes because they don’t plan on paying any taxes.

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ACORN is in the news again

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

You may have missed this if you depend on the NY Times for news, but ACORN, an organization with long term ties to our Dear Leader, has been caught providing illegal tax and home loan information to a pair of undercover investigative journalists posing as a pimp and a prositutute.

ACORN was caught not just proving information to cheat on taxes, they also provided information on how to hide under aged illegal immigrant prostitutes from the authorities. This was not an isolated incident either.  This occur ed at three separate ACORN offices that we know of so far!

Illegal activity is nothing new for ACORN.  Here is a short list of some crimes that they have been involved in:

Our Dear Leader had this to say about his ties to this criminal organization:

“I’ve been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.” — Barack Obama, Speech to ACORN, November 2007

Keep in mind that all this criminal activity has been funded by your tax dollars!

That may change, the Senate voted yesterday to cut federal funding for ACORN by a 83 to 7 vote.

The seven who voted for continuing federal funding for an organization that supports child prostitution included both democrats from Illinois and the Socialist Senator from Vermont.

The other bit of good news that have come from this investigative journalism on the criminal organization ACORN, is that the Census department has severed ties with ACORN.

This is just a short list of ACORN’s criminal activities. Check out ACORN Watch for a more complete list.

UPDATE: New video from ACORN’s San Bernardino, CA office. This is number four, so far…

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Morning Round Up.

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

NYC Mayor Bloomberg is pissed at both Hillary Rodham Clinton and our Dear Leader. While breaking his campaign promise and jacking the taxes of Americans through the roof, HRC, likely acting on orders from BHO, exempted foreign diplomats from paying property taxes that have been in place since 1873. This will cost NYC, which is having budget problems like most Americans & American businesses, $260 million. This is on top of the $66 million the State Department owes NYC for providing police security for United Nations missions. I’d feel bad over this, but NYC voted overwhelmingly for both HRC as a carpetbagging Senator and for our Dear Leader. The residents of NYC are getting what they asked for, good and hard.

It also appears that our Dear Leader is getting tired of having to answer pesky questions from the American people, like “Why did you screw the pooch on the economy?” He canceled a “Town Hall” style meeting, that would have included questions from the American people and replaced it with a teleprompter driven speech with no questions. No pesky citizens either, since the venue for the speech is closed to the public. No Sunshine here.

House democrats are seeking a $540 Billion Tax increase in order to pay for what idiots on the left are calling “free health care.” The policies of congressional democrats and our Dear Leader have driven a bad economy even worse, and now they want to put a crippling tax on the American people. Hardly surprising, this latest bit of idiotic behavior is being driven by tax cheat Charles Rangel.

While the government is under the control of democrats, the federal deficit has reached a new record, $1 Trillion dollars. Given that most of our Dear Leader‘s staff doesn’t pay taxes, it’s up to you to foot that bill. Oh, and expect that to go much higher. They are out to radically change the American government, and they really don’t care what it costs.

I’ve been writing about the President’s war on Inspector Generals, the people who’s job is to find corruption and waste in the federal government. That story isn’t going away as fast as our Dear Leader and the MSM would like it too.

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Translating Obamaspeak

Friday, April 17th, 2009

As a public service, I’m providing translations for some of our Dear Leader‘s “code words” into English.

“Overseas Contingency Operations” is Obamaspeak for the Global War on Islamofascism.

“Man-caused disasters” is Obamaspeak for Islamic Terrorism.

“Secretary of the Treasury” is Obamaspeak for Tax Cheat.

“Rightwing Extremist” is Obamaspeak for Veterans of the United States Military

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Marion Barry – Back in the News

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Former democrat D.C. Mayor, and former crackhead, Marion Barry has joined the ranks of many prominent democrats.

He is, like our Dear Leader’s Secretary of the Treasury, a tax cheat.

According to the Washington Post, Barry “owes the federal government more than $277,000 in back taxes and skipped at least six months of recent payments on taxes owed to the D.C. government, according to federal authorities.”

HT to Mr. Reynolds

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Another one bites the dust

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Yet another one of BHO’s selections, this one for Deputy Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, has removed his name from the running. It was disclosed that Jon Cannon was on the board of a nonprofit group faulted for mishandling federal grant money.

A 2007 EPA inspector general’s report on the foundation alleged a variety of irregularities involving $25 million in federal grants to assess water quality problems, including those at farms and pork processing facilities. The problems with accounting, improper cash advances and similar violations stretched from 1998 to 2005, according to the report.

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