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An observation on political yards signs

Monday, September 17th, 2012

As I drove around town this weekend I notices something very consistent with political yard signs.

Every small business, most independently owned, with a yard sign had signs for Scott Brown and/or Marty Lamb.

Scott Brown is running for re-election in the US Senate, on the Republican ticket and Marty Lamb is running for State Representative, also on the Republican ticket.

Senator Brown’s opponent is a Harvard law professor, who makes over $300,000 a year for teaching a single class and claims she “represents the people.”  Elizabeth Warren is best known for falsely claiming to have Cherokee Indian ancestors and using that claim to obtain benefits as a minority.

Small business owners are intimately familiar with the negative effect democrats have had on the economy since taking control of Congress and the White House and clearly do not want that to continue


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Jim McKenna picks up key endorsement.

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

The Republican Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Scott Brown, endorses Jim McKenna for Attorney General.

Electing Jim McKenna Attorney General of Massachusetts is an important step toward reducing the Culture of Corruption that is currently pervasive in this state’s government.

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Morning roundup

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

The LA Times makes an interesting observation about our Dear Leader

“[The Obama] administration has pursued a quiet but malicious campaign against the news media and their sources, more aggressively attacking those who ferret out confidential information than even the George W. Bush administration did”

American Socialists Release Names of 70 Congressional Democrats in Their Ranks.

The New York Post notes:

In a move of stunning hypocrisy, the United Federation of Teachers axed one of its longtime employees — for trying to unionize the powerful labor organization’s own workers, it was charged yesterday.

democrats to Massachusetts voters: It’s not the “Peoples’ Seat” you peasants! It’s the Kennedy seat!

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Jon Stewart rips the democrat “leadership” a new one

Saturday, January 23rd, 2010

Jon Stewart gets a bit worked up explaining how the democrats managed to screw the pooch by the numbers in the recent Massachusetts special election, but then he is a liberal democrat. I’m right leaning Libertarian, but as a political junkie, I feel his pain. The democrats did really screw this up. Stewart fails to mention that they completely misread the mood of the voters in the Commonwealth. Much like the Republicans failed to correctly read the mood of the voters when they got their collective asses handed to them in the 2006 & 2008 elections.

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Very funny, very entertaining, reasonably accurate, and still fairly partisan. He did his best to play down Senator Brown, who has a solid resume in the State Senate, with a more solid voting record that a former Illinois State Senator who voted “present” most of the time before being elected to the U.S. Senate. He also has a law degree (the modeling helped pay for law school) and has been in the state National Guard for decades. Senator Brown worked hard during the campaign and managed to pulled ahead of the 30 point lead Martha Coakley had a month before the election (a lead she had just for having a “D” after her name). As Mr. Stewart points out, Senator Brown had some help from Martha Coakley.

Now, I’ve been a resident of the Commonwealth for several decades, and what I have been hearing in the aftermath of this election is interesting. First off, you have to remember that that “unenrolled” or independent voters out number both democrats and republicans in Massachusetts. Independents are the majority party. They tend to vote democrat, unless the democrats really piss them off, which they have. First we have our incompetent governor, Deval Patrick, a good friend of Barack Obama. Add to that several democrat legislators being arrested by federal Law Enforcement agents for blatant and widespread corruption. This is Massachusetts, we expect a certain level of corruption from our democrat politicians, but democrat State Diane Wilkerson, who has attended state senate sessions with an tracking ankle bracelet when she was convicted of massive non-payment of taxes, was arrested by federal agents in sting operation, when she shoved the bribe money she took from them in her bra. Why shove the money in her bra? Well, it seems that her purse was already full of cash she had collected in bribes early in the day.

OK, so the environment wasn’t the best for a big machine democrat party candidate. So what did the democrats nominate? A big machine democrat party candidate.

What was the result of that? Not only did independents in Massachusetts go for Senator Brown, but so did 20% of registered democrats. Let’s review that one again, 20% of the registered democrats in Massachusetts voted for the Republican candidate.

It is very interesting to hear what those democrats who voted for Senator Brown have to say. A lot were simply not happy (to put it mildly) with Martha Coakley. Then there are the elderly voters. The ones who remember John F. Kennedy and voted for him. These voters voted for Senator Scott Brown, because they say he reminds them of the late President Kennedy. One of those voters said that Scott Brown was a Jack Kennedy democrat, not a Ted Kennedy democrat. When it was pointed that Brown was a Republican, the democrat voter responded that Jack Kennedy was strong on national defense and believed in across the board tax cuts to grow the economy, like Scott Brown.

So ya, the democrats, as Jon Stewart pointed out, screwed the pooch by the numbers. The Republicans, unlike their recent performances, manged not to screw up. There were more than capable of dropping the ball the democrats handed them, but Scott Brown worked hard and had a message that sounded really good to a majority of Massachusetts voters. The more the voters learned about him, the more they liked him. The more they learned about Martha Coakley, the less they liked her.

As conservative commentator Ann Coulter said, “They win in the dark; we win in the light.”

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Change comes to Massachusetts!

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

It’s a bright and glorious day here in the People’s Commonwealth! Over 20% of the registered democrats here joined the sane people and voted for Republican Scott Brown to fill the seat of the late Teddy Kennedy in the United States Senate.

This wasn’t just a case of the democrat Martha Coakley running a really lousy campaign (which she did) or the fact that she was a weak candidate (she was); this was also a direct message to our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama. The voters of Massachusetts just let BHO know that Socialism isn’t the change we were looking for.

How could this happen in the oh so liberal Massachusetts? We residents of the Commonwealth got a sneak preview of ObamaAmerica with our own worthless Governor, Deval “Together We Can” Patrick. Patrick had zero executive experience (none in the private sector or in any government job) when he took over the Governor’s office. His socialist policies, along with his kowtowing to the state employee unions and raising taxes while the state hemorrhages high tech jobs, have given us a unique perspective of what allowing our Dear Leader to implement his socialist policies will do to the country.

This election also proves that Obama has no coattails. Coakley was third democrat candidate that Obama when out to stump for who lost! Yup, Obama is a three time loser! Actually he’s four for four in loses if you count the trip he and Empress Michelle made (on separate planes) to Copenhagen in their attempt to bring the Olympics (and all that lovely graft money) home to Chicago.

Obama has a choice to make now.  Clinton or Carter? When Billy Jeff Clinton got his ass handed to him in the 1994 midterm  elections, he ditched the far left, went centrist and saved his image and got re-elected.  The man actually managed to take personal credit for signing most of the Republican’s “Contract with America” list into law, completely stealing their thunder!  Jimmy “Worst President in the last 50 years” Carter on the other hand descended even farther into a far left death spiral, resulting in him getting his ass handed to him in the 1980 elections.

Which way will Obama go? Personally, my take is that he’s no Bill Clinton.  Barack Hussein Obama has never held a real job in his life and has never had a single executive position before becoming the head of the executive branch of the United States government.  He’s been wrapped in a far left socialist cocoon his entire life.  So ya, I’m betting he’s gonna go Carter big time, with the same results.

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History is made!

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Republican Scott Brown has defeated democrat Martha Coakley in the special election to replace the late Senator Ted Kennedy.

This is despite having our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama, and former President Clinton come here to the People’s Republic to stump for Coakley.

So, this is the third democrat candidate that BHO has visited and campaigned for.  All three have lost.  He’s four for four if you count his trip to Copenhagen and not getting the Olympics for Chicago.

The democrats will try to deny this simple fact, but the truth is that this election is very much a vote against Obama’s failed administration and policies.  He can try to deal with this reality or continue to attempt to drive the country down the wrong path.

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Even more raw hatred from the left

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid should publicly apologize for the rantings of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann and condemn it as hate speech.

This pattern of behavior is deeply disturbing.

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Brown-Coakley Election day

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

It’s special election day here in the People’s Commonwealth. Republican Scott Brown is running against democrat Martha Coakley. The AG who the state police union won’t support (they are backing Brown).

Let’s review what is happing out there. First off, we have Coakley supporters not only denying a citizen his First Amendment Rights, but are likely committing assault also.

What is about the First Amendment that democrats just don’t like?

Next, we have Coakley supporters committing election law violations in Dorcester and elsewhere.

In Lawrence, MA blank absentee ballots are being handed out.  It’s the day of the election.  Why are blank absentee ballots being handed out areas that trend highly democrat? Personally, I smell the stench of ACORN here.

Ya, that ACORN. The one our Dear Leader, Barack Hussein Obama gave “get out the vote” classes to back when he was a “community organizer” and is currently under investigation for massive vote fraud in at least a half dozen states.

Mark Steyn has a valid point:

Well, as a wintry election day dawns in Massachusetts, I’ll believe it when I see it. If all but one of those polls are right, Scott Brown now has a lead well beyond the margin of error. But, as that Boston Globe ‘Dead Heat!’ headline suggests, it’s not necessarily beyond the margin of Acorn, the margin of lawyer, and the margin of Franken-style recounts. On the other hand, if you’re minded to (as MSNBC’s electokleptomaniac Ed Schultz recommends) steal the vote, you don’t really want to have to steal it big, on a Mugabe-esque scale.

Update: Michelle Malkin’s Massachusetts Vote Fraud thread.

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Quick Scott Brown Roundup

Monday, January 18th, 2010

The Scott Brown for U.S. Senate rally in Worcester, MA was a big success.

Cape Cod Times supports Republican Scott Brown for US Senate!

The Obama  White House predicts a win for Brown! Tossing Martha under the Obama bus already?

Some honesty from MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. He says he would “cheat” and vote ten times if he could to keep Scott Brown out of the U.S. Senate.

Randy Haddock’s Day in Massachusetts

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Time to turn Massachusetts from blue to Brown

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

From a buddy of mine.

Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday the 19th additionally please visit the Scott Brown web site at: and perhaps lend a helping hand.

Just a reminder, this photo shows what democrat Martha Coakley thinks of the free press.  She probably thinks less of the peasants who are supposed to “anoint” her to the Senate.

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