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Two key democrat voting demographics

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

With the mid-term elections coming fast (Tuesday, except if you are Progressive, then you have a special voting day on Wednesday), expect the democrats to try and maximize two of their two key voting demographics, the dead and non-citizens.

Let us review:

Mr. Reynolds was spot on correct when he said the following about democrats, “Remember,  you don’t just have to beat them. You have to beat them beyond the margin of fraud.”

Update: First case of voter fraud confirmed in New Mexico. It won’t be the last.

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Round Up Post

Sunday, October 26th, 2014

Let’s lead with Obama’s illegal “Fast and Furious” gun running operation.  Read the whole thing, what the Obama White House has been claiming “executive privilege” over is all about the cover up of their illegal activities. This scandal has a large body count, and senior members of the Obama administration, including Valerie Jarrett, should be getting jail time for their involvement.

It’s has been obvious for a long time that the so-called “progressive” left is no fan of free speech. They are not just making it part of the official  record.

Massachusetts democrat candidate for governor Martha Coakley is such a horrible candidate, that even the far left Boston Globe endorses Charlie Baker, her Republican opponent.

Speaking of far left wing newspapers, the Washington Post admits that not only is voter fraud widespread, it  could even be the deciding factor in multiple elections.


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More vote fraud

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

You remember Christina “Tita” Ayala, the Connecticut state rep recently arrested on 19 counts of vote fraud.  If you don’t, it probably because it didn’t get much news coverage.  It didn’t promote the news media agenda on two counts.  First, it was an actual case of vote fraud, which they constantly claim doesn’t happen, and she is a democrat.

This wasn’t an “isolated incident” either.  Let us review some recent news.

James O’Keefe Catches CO Dems Advocating “Awesome” Voter Fraud

 “Go F*ck Yourself, Gringo” Says Democrat Operative Caught Openly Stuffing Hundreds Of Ballots

‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county.  Let’s be honest here, it was perfectly “calibrated” for an election in democrat controlled Illinois.  The only error was that someone actually complained about it.

Update: Mr. Reynolds makes the following true statement about democrats, “Remember,  you don’t just have to beat them. You have to beat them beyond the margin of fraud.”

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The democrat Culture of Corruption Marches On

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Ask any Obama Kool-Aide ™ drinking leftist and they will tell you that there is absolutely no voter fraud.

They will, of course, be lying.  Here is yet another example. A Connecticut state representative, a democrat, has been charged with nineteen (19) counts of vote fraud. Christina “Tita” Ayala, a democrat representing Bridgeport, was arrested last Friday.  The charges include “voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live” and providing “fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district”.

Most democrats will parrot the party lie about voter id laws “disenfranchising” poor people.  The truth is that democrats are against voter id laws because they make vote fraud so much harder, and they depend on vote fraud to elect their extremist candidates.

UpdateFive Voter Fraud Myths and Truths

Take note of #2 & #4

2. Fact: Voter fraud has altered the outcome of elections. Senator Al Franken (D-Lino Lakes), the Saturday Night Live clown, is in the  United States Senate because of voter fraud.  Franken won his election because Minnesota has same-day voter registration, where a person can register to vote and cast a ballot simultaneously.  Felons were ineligible to vote but did so anyhow — by the thousands (1099 of them to be exact). This means that Franken owes his Senate seats to graduates of Faribault and Lino Lakes.  Remember, Franken won by only 312 votes.  News media in Minnesota contacted many of the felons and they admitted they were proud of their votes for Franken.  Not a one voted for Norm Coleman.  But it’s worse.  Al Franken was the 60th vote to pass Obamacare over a filibuster.  Because of voter fraud, Obamacare passed.

4. Fact: Eric Holder’s Justice Department is facilitating voter fraud.  It isn’t hard to find the ways Eric Holder’s radical version of law enforcement is facilitating voter fraud.  That’s the central story of Crimes Against the Republic.  For starters, multiple individuals have been caught voting more than once in a federal election.  This is a federal felony.  The response from the Justice Department? Crickets.  Take Wendy Rosen (pictured above).  She was a Democrat running for Congress.  We have reached the Alice in Wonderland moment where a Democrat can pen an editorial admitting she violated federal election law and no federal charges ensue.

Her excuse for committing a federal felony?  Because election integrity laws make it hard for the poor and blacks to vote.  She  actually says this.  Maybe Eric Holder isn’t prosecuting Wendy Rosen because 1) Rosen is a Democrat and 2) she  is mimicking Holder’s own talking points.   Such are the lawless ways of the Obama age — felons get a pass as long as they are allies of the president, sort of like the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia.  This is the stuff that makes Americans furious, and the Democrats best beware of the whirlwind they may reap.  Many more examples of Holder facilitating voter fraud are in Crimes Against the Republic.


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Round Up Post

Sunday, November 10th, 2013

The IRS “refunded” over $4 Billion to identity thieves. This included checks sent to Ireland and Communist China.  This is the agency our Dear Leader wants to collect “taxes” from you for not having health care insurance he approves of.

A Virginia DMV official pleaded guilty to issuing drivers licences to over 300 illegal aliens.  Leftists will tell you that this has nothing to do with vote fraud, because there is no vote fraud, and that we have always been at war with Eastasia.

Obama’s latest Secretary of State, former Massachusetts Senator, John F. Kerry, is a conspiracy kook.

Teacher’s Union official accuses a Jewish father of being a “Neo-Nazi” for daring to question his child’s indoctrination.  Rational arguments are not just a strong point of the left.

The Democrats who voted for the debacle are now scrambling for cover.

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Round Up Post

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

President Barack Hussein Obama Creates Two New Food Stamp Recipients for Every Job Created!

Since February of 2009, the first full month of Obama’s presidency, 9.5 million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.  Nearly 90 million Americans are not working today!

That means that 1.3 Americans have dropped out of the labor force for every one job the administration claims to have created.

Good work Barry! That’s a new record for Presidential failure!

The person holding the racist sign at the Pro-Zimmerman rally was, no surprise here, a far left activist.

Proving once again that the so-called “progressive” left are the racists they accuse everyone else of being.

Another example of democrats committing voter fraud. This time it’s Joe “Plugs” Biden’s niece.


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Round Up Post

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

While DHS Was Patrolling Tea Party Rallies – 266 Dangerous Foreign Nationals Went Missing. That’s right, armed federal agents, wearing DHS uniforms arrived in DHS marked vehicles to monitor a Tea Party demonstration.  Despite leftist fantasies to the contrary, Tea Party rallies are remarkably peaceful.  The only incident of violence at a Tea Party demonstration was four purple shirted SEIU thugs beating up a black man for daring to stray off the liberal plantation an attend a Tea Party rally.  Yet the Obama Regime found it necessary to send armed Department of Homeland Security to “monitor” a Tea Party rally.  I guess our Dear Leader thinks people who read the Constitution and want the government accountable to the citizens are his enemy.

Speak of the President’s enemies and how he deals with them, Top IRS Goon Who Wrote Threatening Letters to Conservatives Is Promoted.

Despite leftists telling you repeatedly that this doesn’t happen, Obama Supporter Found Guilty Of Multiple Counts Of Voter Fraud In Ohio.

Obama’s new Secretary of State, John Kerry is handing another $4 billion to the terrorists running the Palestinian territories

Democratic Party Communications Director Brad Woodhouse has declared the journalists will “lose their rights” if they refuse to meet with Obama AG, and perjurer, Eric Holder.  The left never has been a fan of the First Amendment.

Speaking of Watergate type crimes, a democrat has admitted to bugging Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell’s office.

On the subject of President Obama punishing his enemies, the Obama Administration CUTS HOT MEALS for Troops Serving in Afghanistan.

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SEIU taking lessons from ACORN

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

You remember ACORN, the vote fraud experts.  With confessions and convictions of vote fraud in at least 24 states.

Well, it seems that another arm of the democrat party, the SEIU (the major public service union) has been taking lessons from ACORN.

SEIU members have been caught committing vote fraud.

An investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has led to a subpoena of SEIU’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and has implicated the prominent labor union in a voter fraud case that threatens to lead to criminal prosecution.

Then-SEIU Senior Organizer-in-Training Clarence S. Haynes, who is no longer affiliated with the union and whose whereabouts are currently unknown, voted in the hotly contested April 2011 election for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat despite not being a resident of Wisconsin and leaving the state shortly after voting, according to an October 19, 2012 affidavit prepared by Bruce J. Landgraf, the assistant district attorney for Milwaukee County.

It is not surprising that left fights sensible and common sense voter ID laws.

Update: democrat party officials in Maryland, NJ, NY and Massachusetts Face Prison Time for Voter Fraud

Color me completely and utterly unsurprised.  Don’t expect to read this in the NY Times or hear about it on the hard far left MS-NBC propaganda arm of the DNC though.

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Round Up Post

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

If you have been following the massive wildfires in Colorado, you probably didn’t hear about this on CNN/MSNBC/ABC/PBS/CBS “News”:

Washington-based Human Events magazine reported in September of 2011 that nearly half of the federal government’s air tankers sat idle at a California airport, as wildfires ripped through national forests throughout California, Texas, New Mexico, and other states. It turns out the Obama administration ended a long-standing contract, leaving the Forest Service with only 11 tankers to battle 50 wildfires that were burning nationwide. A decade ago, the Forest Service had 40 firefighting tankers.

Three hours after the Supreme Court ruled on Arizona’s immigration laws, the Obama regime revoked Arizona’s 287 G “privileges.’  This means that Arizona has been denied the use of the Federal database set up specifically for state governments to identify illegal aliens.

There is bi-partisan support for contempt vote against Obama AG Holder.

Federal Judge Refuses To Halt Florida’s Clean Up Of Voter Rolls.

Drew over at AoSHQ nails it shut:

Illegal voters, Democrats and Eric Holder hit hardest.

While everyone was focused on Arizona, the EPA is getting set to cause the economy to nose dive.

In Which We Learn that ABC News is Literally In Bed With the Obama Campaign…

Team Obama Prepping Thousands of Lawyers for November Election

They want to make sure their traditional voter base, the dead, have their vote counted.

MSNBC 9/11 Troofer host smacked down by College Republican

Obama doesn’t know the difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

Mia Love of Utah Hopes to Become the First Black Republican Woman in Congress

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Round up post

Saturday, June 9th, 2012

A high school administration in Montana banned a Hollywood producer from speaking at their graduation ceremony because he was a “right wing conservative.” There was concern that he might offend some of the parents and students with his speech. Gerald Molen is a veteran of the United States Marines Corps, and won an Oscar for producing Schindler’s List.

More 2009 e-mails show extent of drug industry’s involvement the push for Obamacare. It seems that the big pharmaceutical companies may have benefited more from Obamacare than the American people did.

The left’s attack on Free Speech is getting more aggressive, with the SWATting and legal attacks against conservative bloggers for daring to mention a left wing operative’s terrorist background.

Florida Voter Purge Reveals Noncitizens Who Voted

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