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SEIU taking lessons from ACORN

December 20, 2012 – 10:44 | by admin

You remember ACORN, the vote fraud experts.  With confessions and convictions of vote fraud in at least 24 states.

Well, it seems that another arm of the democrat party, the SEIU (the major public service union) has been taking lessons from ACORN.

SEIU members have been caught committing vote fraud.

An investigation by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has led to a subpoena of SEIU’s Washington, D.C. headquarters and has implicated the prominent labor union in a voter fraud case that threatens to lead to criminal prosecution.

Then-SEIU Senior Organizer-in-Training Clarence S. Haynes, who is no longer affiliated with the union and whose whereabouts are currently unknown, voted in the hotly contested April 2011 election for a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat despite not being a resident of Wisconsin and leaving the state shortly after voting, according to an October 19, 2012 affidavit prepared by Bruce J. Landgraf, the assistant district attorney for Milwaukee County.

It is not surprising that left fights sensible and common sense voter ID laws.

Update: democrat party officials in Maryland, NJ, NY and Massachusetts Face Prison Time for Voter Fraud

Color me completely and utterly unsurprised.  Don’t expect to read this in the NY Times or hear about it on the hard far left MS-NBC propaganda arm of the DNC though.

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