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For the extreme left, politics is their religion

Thursday, February 27th, 2014

President Obama told his OFA minions that “The work you are doing is god’s work.”

Keep in mind that BHO also defined sin as “Being out of alignment with my values.

This fits in with his hardcore extremist followers being cultists.

Update: Barbara Walters in a rare moment of left wing extremist honesty.

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Lefties are all worked up over the strangest things…

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Ya, I know, not much a surprise.  Reality really isn’t one of their strong points, so they don’t respond to the same stimuli as sane people.

One common trait amount so called “progressives” is that nothing is ever their fault.  For example, I saw a moonbat on Facebook arguing that it was the Republicans who were trying to kill the US Post Service.  The USPS is in dire financial straits because the majority of their employees are members of a public service union and they are supposed to operate as a P&L.  Those two are mutually exclusive! Here is a news flash, it wasn’t the Republicans, or even moderate democrats who inflicted public service unions on the American tax payer.  Hell, even FDR, the uber-progressive, said they were a bad idea. Will any leftist admit that the USPS is royally screwed because their policies have inflicted ruin? Of course not! They can never admit fault!  So it must be the fault of the “evil Republicans” for not wanting to flush more tax payer dollars down the toilet created by leftist “progressive” policies.

Yet another example of the “tolerant and opened minded liberal” going hyper-partisan at Warp Speed.  The only thing going for the Republicans in these attack is that there isn’t a clear Republican leader they can go all Alinsky on. Nobody to destroy personally in order to get their base of low information voters  all lathered up in a series of two minute hates.  They need their Emmanuel Goldstein.  They have tried their racist attacks on Rubio and Cruz because they fear popular conservatives with a minority background.  So they want to punish them for straying off the plantation.   So far, the left’s pathetic attempts have resulted in a major fund raiser for Rubio.

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The Cult of Obama

Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

I refer to hardcore extremist Obama supporters as cultists. I prefer this term to “O-Bots” or “Moonbats”, because it is more descriptive of the behavior exhibited. You can observe them dropping their supposedly “core beliefs” as soon as they become in conflict with their devoted worship of our Dear Leader. The so-called “Peace movement” for example. Our Dear Leader followed the Bush timetable in Iraq, doubled down in Afghanistan, and started the unprecedented Drone War. Yet to the Obama cultists, Bush & Cheney are still “War Criminals” while Barry is making America “more loved” throughout the world. This is despite the growing military threat of Communist China, the North Korean and Iranian nuclear programs, Islamofascists taking over in the Middle East after the so called “Arab Spring, Russia walking away from missile defense treaties, and Al Qaeda murdering an US Ambassador.

I had one Obama cultists flat out deny that the US Congress has failed to produce a budget in over three years. That is an undisputable fact! No budget has made it through both houses of Congress in over three years. The House has passed several, but no budget has made it out of the democrat controlled Senate, including several submitted by President Obama! Not only did this cultist deny the reality of the lack of an actual federal budget, he went on to claim that the debt was growing at the same rate under Obama as it was under GW Bush. Let’s review that one. In the eight years of the GW Bush administration, the debt grew by $4 Trillion. There are even clips of Obama calling that level of debt growth “unpatriotic.” At the point I was having the “discussion” with Obama cultist, the federal debt had grown another $4 Trillion in less than four years since Obama took office. Even skimming a half Trillion that he “inherited” from the previous budget (i.e. the last federal budget passed and signed by the President, which was GW Bush at the time), that is still $3.5 Trillion in new debt in under four years! That is almost double the rate that our Dear Leader called “unpatriotic!” The reality of actual math wouldn’t sway this cultist from his belief in the Lightbringer. At that point I just stopped trying to have an actual intelligent discussion with cultist, who in other aspects of his life, is actually quite bright. There is an old saying about wrestling with pigs in the mud that applies here.

During the election cycle, there were Obama cultists, who “didn’t care” (their exact words) about the 300 plus dead Mexicans, and at least one US Federal agent,  killed by Obama’s Fast and Furious program, or the fact that all of Obama’s records, college, medical, etc. were sealed, but were livid over Governor Romney only releasing one years of worth of tax return. They were on their high hobby horses claiming criminal fraud. They also viciously attacked anyone who dared disagree with them over the slightest point of their claims, which, of course, had absolutely no evidence behind them what so ever. When the details of Governor Romney’s tax returns came out, showing that not only was there no evidence of criminal fraud what so ever (in fact, he deliberately over paid his federal taxes because of his own personal concepts of “fairness”), there was not one word of apology or even admission of “over stating” the issue from the cultists in question. They just moved their hatred of anyone who dared to question their deity to the next DNC sanctioned talking point.

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