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The left’s hypocrisy raises its ugly head again

March 2, 2013 – 09:17 | by admin

It’s usually pretty easy to know what the left is up to. You just check what they are accusing anybody who dares disagree with them of.

Case in point, the left’s favorite slur for anybody who dares confront them with actual facts, “racist.”

The left will call you a racist if you disagree with any policy of our Dear Leader, point out that it is, in fact, illegal to violate immigration laws, or refute any of their beliefs with actual verifiable facts.

Then the same leftists will insist that they are not racists, since they are so “tolerant” and “open minded.”

However, facts are stubborn things, despite the left’s vigorous attempts to deny them.

Case in point, the left’s attack on the wife of Senate Republican Mitch McConnell. Their objection to his wife is, wait for it…that she is of Chinese ancestry. The fact that Senator McConnell is married to someone who’s family immigrated to America from China is the reason American jobs are going to China.

That’s right, just the fact that she is ethnically Chinese, is the left’s reason for American manufacturing jobs going to China. Oh, and she is married to a Republican.

Couldn’t have anything to do with the rising cost of American manufacturing, primarily driven by labor unions that act more like Political Action Committees distorting the actual value of manual manufacturing labor. Couldn’t have anything to do with burdensome regulations, mainly enacted by left leaning politicians. Nope, because, as we discussed previously, one of the primary commandants of the left is that nothing is ever their fault.

So, they fall back on their Alinsky tactics, pick an individual person, and attack them. Not the problem, but the person. The left is making a purely racist attack against the very people they accuse of being racists for disagreeing with the left.

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