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Meanwhile, at ACORN…

November 24, 2009 – 10:00 | by admin

You remember ACORN, the far left political organizations with a history of strong ties to Barack Hussein Obama.   Well, it seems they are in the news yet again.

A former ACORN field director has just received a three year sentence for…wait for it…”two counts of conspiracy to commit a crime of compensation for registration of voters.”

Yes folks, you read that correctly, ACORN guilty of yet another case of voter fraud. What was that class our Dear Leader used to teach for ACORN? Something to do with “getting out the vote.” Hmmm….

Wait! There’s more!

It seems the San Diego ACORN office dumped a large volume of paper the day before they were raided by the Police.  What were they trying to hide? We also have to question their basic competence.  They dumped the paperwork in a public dumpster.  Haven’t these idiots ever heard of a shredder?

Over the weeks and months ahead, will continue to release information from this shocking document dump by ACORN, slowly revealing the ugly truth of ACORN: the fact that their stated mission of helping the poor and downtrodden is just a ruse and a cover for an organization that is highly partisan and highly political, and thus rotten to the core.

Not only is ACORN throughly and totally corrupt, they aren’t even very good at being evil.  Oh, and they have a long history of deep ties with our President, the Hopey Changey guy

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