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Morning Roundup

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Let’s review:

It didn’t take long for the left’s anti-science bias use the natural disasters in Japan to push their agenda:

Let’s review the facts of the matter, the nuclear power plant safety systems *survived the 8.9 magnitude earthquake*.

That is worth repeating. The nuclear power plant safety systems still functioned after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake.

It took an 8.9 magnitude earthquake, closely followed by a major tsunami to take them out.

Meanwhile, in California, dozens of people are killed by a natural gas explosion because the gas company can’t keep track of the type of pipe they have buried.

If you want to donate to a relief group that will help the Japanese people, check out Americares or the American Red Cross.

Don’t worry, our Dear Leader isn’t missing his regular 18 holes of golf because of the crisis in Japan.

Former democrat President Bill Clinton is channeling Sarah Palin now, and not how you would think.  Mr. Clinton is speaking out against our Dear Leader‘s ban on off shore drilling.

James O’Keefe exposed racism at NPR, which most of the MSM is strangely (or not so strangely) quiet about.

Liberals and socialists are mean-spirited, but we knew that…


Quote of the Day

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

“Congress has not unlimited powers to provide for the general welfare, but only those specifically enumerated.”

– Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States of America.

Monday Book Pick: Heat Wave

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Heat Wave by Richard Castle

OK, OK…it’s a spin off media from the Castle TV show. I read it after watching the first season. For murder mystery pulp, and I have read more than a few, it’s not that bad. Reasonably decent as a stand alone, but the tie ins to the TV show are what make the book more than average. One of my favorites was naming the Judge the writer character plays poker with “Simpson” and noting his resemblance to Homer Simpson. The TV tie in is that the judge character in the show is played by Dan Castellaneta, who is the voice of Homer Simpson!  Whomever the author is, I hope he got a decent fee for this. He or she probably had some fun writing it, and now that the next few mortgage payments are made, can focus on work their name can go on…

Monday Book Pick Archive

Sunday SciFi: Babylon 5

Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Very good, nay, excellent SciFi. Especially for TV.  This show wasn’t just SciFi, it was Space Opera in the best sense of the genre.

Grand sweeping story arcs over five seasons, great battles; personal, man to alien, and large fleets of space craft battling for control over this corner of the galaxy.

Much, much better than the Star Trek knock off of Babylon 5.  Yes, gentle readers, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was a cheap knock off of Babylon 5.

The B5 pilot aired first, even though Paramount rushed ST:DS9 to the small screen before the B5 series was approved and made it to the airways.  The best ST:DS9 seasons were the ones where they did what B5 did the season before.  The ST:DS9 “creative” team even hired the same actor B5 used the season before in appear in what was essentially the same role.  The B5 team found this out when they tried to bring the actor back to reprise the role and found out he was over at Paramount filming a DS9 episode.  JMS responded by killing off the character and replacing him!

Five full seasons, plus a handful of made for TV movies.  Enough to keep you busy for a while if you enjoy really good SciFi.

Morning Round Up

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Let’s start with a cartoon by John Cox

The US Tax code is a Byzantine maze that Rube Goldberg would claim is too complex.  As I said before…

One of good ideas of the President’s deficit reduction panel was to drastically simplify the tax code and reduce the highest tax rate to 25%. That will reduce the 30% plus overhead of the IRS and get uber-rich democrats, like my senior Senator, to actually pay their fair share of the taxes paid by almost every other working American.

Don’t expect democrats to embrace this idea though. It goes against their core values, like waging class warfare.

Speaking of taxes and the economy, let’s review this bit of news…

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said a surge in U.S. government “activism,” including fiscal stimulus, housing subsidies and new regulations, is holding back the economic recovery.

Wait! It gets better as Mr. Greenspan puts yet another nail in the coffin of Keynesianism.

“Any withdrawal of action to allow the economy to heal could restore some, or much, of the dynamic of the pre-crisis decade, without its imbalances.”

Not that this will slow down the big government fanatics in our Dear Leader‘s administration.

Speaking of which, it’s time to play “Fear the Boom and Bust” again!

Moving on, I’m am not surprised that democrat Sheila Jackson Lee is a really, really bad boss and would be brought up on harassment charges in the private sector.


Overcoming Liberalism: Step 12

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Step 12 of 12: Be a missionary
Once you have completed the previous steps to overcoming liberalism, it’s time for you to share this awakening with others who are not as fortunate. Go out amongst the liberal sheep and spread the good word of your freedom from the chains of ignorance that once bound you. Congratulations, and welcome to reality.

Two US Air Force airmen killed. Murderer yelled out “Allahu akbar”

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

That’s according to the New York Times.  The killer made an effort to determine who in the crowd were US Military personnel before opening fire.

No mention of the killer’s religion or the shout in the sanitized CNN story.  Hardly a surprise.

The shooting occurred at the Frankfurt airport.  So much for Germany’s strict gun control laws.

Quote of the day

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

“Whenever two parties make a free will trade; Spices for wool or grain for fire wood or even three dollars and fifty cents for a happy meal, both sides benefit. Because the customer would rather have the hamburger and McDonalds would rather have the three fifty. You’re welcome to disagree with me of course, you can email me a comment on why you hate businesses and corporations using your Apple computer while you sit at Starbucks and send messages down AT&T phone lines to Youtube servers running Hitachi hard drives all of which is powered by something like Consolidated Edison most likely generating electricity by burning oil provided by Exxon Mobile. Now if you want to hand deliver a message scratched on a tree bark using a sharp stick while wearing a grass skirt I will be much much more impressed with your moral outrage.”

— Bill Whittle

Wisconsin Fleebaggers heavily funded by Public Employee Union payments

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Color me not surprised.  Here is the, ahem, money quote.

The 14 Wisconsin Democratic senators who fled to Illinois share more than just political sympathy with the public employees and unions targeted by Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill.

The Senate Democrats count on those in the public sector as a key funding source for their campaigns.

In fact, nearly one out of every five dollars raised by those Democratic senators in the past two election cycles came from public employees, such as teachers and firefighters, and their unions, a Journal Sentinel analysis of campaign records shows. . . .

HT to the Gay Patriot

Remember the good advice from the man who wrote the screenplay, “Follow the Money.”