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Sunday, January 27th, 2013


“Assault weapons… are a new topic. The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully-automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons — anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun — can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

–   “Assault Weapons: Analysis, New Research and Legislation” Josh Sugarmann, March 1989

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13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

1. Guns have only two enemies rust and politicians.

2. It’s always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

3. Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not you.

4. Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arms length.

5. Never say, “I’ve got a gun.” If you need to use deadly force, the first sound they hear should be the safety clicking off.

6. The average response time of a 911 call is 23 minutes; the response time of a .357 is 1400 feet per second.

7. The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – cheat if necessary.

8. Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets . . . You may get killed with your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, because it’ll be empty.

9. If you’re in a gunfight:

– If you’re not shooting, you should be loading.

–  If you’re not loading, you should be moving.

–  If you’re not moving, you’re dead.

10. In a life and death situation, do something . . . It may be wrong, but do something!

11. If you carry a gun, people call you paranoid. Nonsense! If you have a gun, what do you have to be paranoid about?

12. You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or any other word, but a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much a universal language.

13. You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.
HT to David Giles

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Gun Crime drops in D.C. post Heller

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

That violent crimes committed by criminals with illegally obtained firearms has dropped since Washington, D.C.’s draconian anti-Civil Rights handgun ban was overturned should not be a surprise to anyone who actually studied the subject.
From the Washington Post Article:

The D.C. police department’s aggressive gun recovery efforts and the office of the attorney general’s coordinated emphasis on prosecuting gun-related crimes are showing strong results: In the past year, robberies with guns have decreased 12 percent; assaults with guns have decreased 14 percent; and overall violent crime has decreased by 5 percent in the District.

Hmmm…punishing the criminals and not the law abiding citizens seems to have a positive effect on society. Funny how the far left just can’t seem to grok that concept.

HT to Say Uncle and Mr. Reynolds.

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Free NRA Membership

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

If you have browsed my site, you know I’m a strong supporter of Civil Rights, including RKBA.

The largest Second Amendment advocacy groups, the National Rifle Association, is conducting a membership drive and offering free memberships.

Given the attacks the current administration and congress are conducting against basic Civil Rights, including RKBA, joining the NRA is a good idea.

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