Gun Crime drops in D.C. post Heller

That violent crimes committed by criminals with illegally obtained firearms has dropped since Washington, D.C.’s draconian anti-Civil Rights handgun ban was overturned should not be a surprise to anyone who actually studied the subject.
From the Washington Post Article:

The D.C. police department’s aggressive gun recovery efforts and the office of the attorney general’s coordinated emphasis on prosecuting gun-related crimes are showing strong results: In the past year, robberies with guns have decreased 12 percent; assaults with guns have decreased 14 percent; and overall violent crime has decreased by 5 percent in the District.

Hmmm…punishing the criminals and not the law abiding citizens seems to have a positive effect on society. Funny how the far left just can’t seem to grok that concept.

HT to Say Uncle and Mr. Reynolds.

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