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What is the democrats problem with simple facts?

July 28, 2011 – 10:21 | by admin

Clearly, the shared reality of rational adults is not the strong point of democrats.

Case in point, democrat party “spokesperson” Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.  Ms. Wasserman-Schultz goes on a hysterical rant accusing the Congressional Republicans, who only control one half of one third of the Federal government, of trying to impose “dictatorship” by means of following the defined Constitutional process.

Let us review who actually desires to impose a “dictatorship” on the American people.  President Barack H. Obama recently addressed the far left extremist racist organization “La Rasa” and said the following, “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.”

Let’s review the facts here, the democrats control the White House and the Senate, and are accusing the House Republicans, who only have a simple majority in the House, of trying to impose a “dictatorship.”  Sounds more like the democrats are being whiny little bitches now that they can’t shove their far left extremist agenda down the throats of the American people unopposed.  The democrats are falling back on their basic argument that anybody who dares to oppose them should “shut up” and let them implement their far left extremist agenda.  The problem with this argument is, as our Dear Leader pointed out, Elections Have Consequences‏. The 2010 elections were a resounding vote against the extremist policies of President Obama and the congressional democrats. Unfortunately for the congressional democrats and our Dear Leader, they have to live in the reality they reject.

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  1. One Response to “What is the democrats problem with simple facts?”

  2. By Brent on Aug 1, 2011 | Reply

    I can’t blame the dems. They are who they are. The tiger & his stripes thing. I balme the weak-kneed republicans. They’ve allowed the dems to control the whole argument. They’ve set the agenda & pitted the republicans against the real conservatives. Some day we’ll wise up & realize they all hate us. the dems & the RINOS. They are all progressives.

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