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Obama’s track record

July 19, 2010 – 10:18 | by admin

Jeff Miller has made a list of some of our Dear Leader’s promises and how he has followed up on them.

1. He campaigned against an insurance mandate and then gave us one.

2. He promised he wouldn’t hire lobbyists, and then hired at least 40 of them.

3. He promised to release logs of meetings between his staff and lobbyists, and then his staff started meeting across the street with lobbyists so it wouldn’t be logged.

4. He promised not to raise any taxes on families that make under $250,000, and then raised several taxes that apply to them.

5. He promised to post all bills on the internet for five days before he would sign them, and he’s broken this promise with nearly every bill he’s signed.

6. He promised not to tax health care benefits, and then signed a law that taxes health care benefits.

7. He promised to get us out of Iraq; not happening.

8. He promised to close Guantanamo; not happening.

9. He lied about the cost of his health care plan.

10. He promised to televise the health care negotiations, and didn’t.

11. He promised to veto all legislation with earmarks; he hasn’t.

12. He has bragged about continuing the Bush treatment of detainees.

13. He promised transparency and then prosecuted leakers.  (Plus, remember this?)

14. He lied about the public option.  And about a ton of other stuff.

15. Remembering signing statements?  Obama assumes you don’t.

16. Don’t ask, don’t tell?  Still in place.

And then there’s the other stuff, the silly and the sad, like the commissionsembarrassing issues of foreign etiquettelambasting tax breaks he voted forbribing people with job offers, bemoaning the iPod that he himself uses, his habitual invocation of straw men, his destruction of jobswasted moneythe cash-for-clunkers/housing-credit idiocy, the foreclosure plan folly, the fake fiscal restraintunemployment and the stimulus bill, and the fact that Obama’s policies redistribute wealth from poor to rich.

President Obama is not just a mediocre president; he’s not just a bad president.  President Obama is a terrible president.  He is a terrible president by any standard, but certainly by his own.  We were promised great things, and instead, we got just another lousy politician.

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