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Obama’s Kagen Coverup

October 8, 2011 – 07:29 | by admin

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

“Eric Holder’s Justice Department has rebuffed numerous Freedom of Information Act requests to get to the bottom of Kagan’s role as solicitor general in the successful Obama political strategy to get health reform enacted. But internal communications that are already public themselves make for a smoking gun.

How about this Jan. 8, 2010, email featuring the subject line “Re: Health Care Defense” from former Deputy Solicitor General/now-acting Solicitor General Neal Katyal to Associate Attorney General Brian Hauck: “Brian, Elena would definitely like OSG (Office of Solicitor General) to be involved in this set of issues … we will bring in Elena as needed.”

In another email that same day, Hauck asked Katyal about putting together a group “to defend against inevitable challenges” to ObamaCare. Ketel replies, “Absolutely right on. Let’s crush them. I’ll speak with Elena and designate someone.”

It look like the kindest thing you could say about Elena Kagan’s  Supreme Court nomination testimony, and the statements of Obama administration officials were “deceitful” when they repeatedly stated that she was not involved in getting Obama-Care passed.

Justice Kagan needs to announce immediately that she will recuse  herself from any and all Supreme Court cases involving Obamacare.

If she does not, the House Judiciary Committee, and bipartisan group such as Judicial Watch,  should step up their investigation in to her involvement  in passing Obamacare.

The question remains, why is the Obama White House actively involved in a cover up of Elena Kagan’s involvement in the President’s signature legislation? What did Obama know and when did he know it?

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