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Inspector General Walpin cleared of White House Smear

November 11, 2009 – 10:12 | by Mark Urbin

The Obama White House, making a lie out of its promise for increased transparency, fired Inspector General Walpin back in June for doing his job and daring to investigate on of our Dear Leader’s political appointees.

The reasons given at the time were absurd and easily disputed. The reality of the situation was clear.
Team Lightbringer fired a government employee for doing his job. The findings of Walpin were embarrassing not only to our Dear Leader, but to Empress Michelle as well, since the waste and corruption found was in one of her pet projects.

Well, now a US Attorney has cleared Walpin of any complaints that he acted “improperly.”

Inspector General Walpin wants his job back, and he has filed a suit in federal court stating that he was fired improperly for investigating a political appointee of the President. Of course, following its policy of removing any trace of transparency and openness in the federal government, the Obama White House is trying to have this case dismissed.

Update: Details at Michelle Malkin’s site on how the Obama “Justice” Department has been sweeping the corruption AG Walpin found under the rug.

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