A clear example of the left letting their hate override any rational thought

Redstate nails it:

Meet Bainers, the New Birthers

 The geniuses at Team Obama are showing their complete ignorance of private enterprise, the law, and the one well vetted part of Mitt Romney’s career — his tenure at Bain Capital.

It is well established that Mitt Romney left Bain to go salvage the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics. It is also well established that his name remained on some SEC documents. This stems from winding down his partnership interest in Bain Capital. It is a quirk in the law. It has been well vetted. Even FactCheck.org and the Washington Post are unpersuaded by Team Obama’s hyperbole.

Really? A felon? Hey! Let’s accuse Barack Obama of being a foreign born Muslim! There’s about the same validity to both. Meet the Bainers — they are the members of Team Obama demanding proof from Mitt Romney that he is a liar or a felon. Next they’ll ask when he stopped beating his wife.

The Bainers will not take any answer that does not show Romney to be a liar or felon…

To make it worse, this “Bainerism” is being driven by the Obama Campaign, with the consent of our Dear Leader, President Barack Hussein Obama.  It highlights the fundamental dishonesty of the Obama regime, as well as their sheer desperation at this point.  Why does the Obama campaign feel the need to repeatedly lie about Gov. Romney instead of running on the President’s own record?


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