The Culture of Corruption Marches On…

We still have the ongoing saga of tax cheat and democrat congressman from New York, Charles Rangel.

Now we have our Dear Leader handing out federal judgeships in an attempt to buy votes in his own party for his massively unpopular Obamacare Charlie Fox.  As Ms. Malkin says, it looks like a quid pro quo, smells like a quid pro quo, and quacks like a quid pro quo.

This is either a clear case of flat out corruption or the Obama administration is so dangerously incompetent that they didn’t see the connection between this key vote and an federal judgeship appointment.   Either way, it’s not good for America.

Wait! It gets better! The Obama administration has claimed that it is “Anti-Lobbyist”, has hired leftist lobbyists to sell their green jobs platform, dispute the facts that show that the investments in those technologies in other countries have not resulted in job growth.

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