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Losing your base

September 3, 2009 – 14:52 | by Mark Urbin

Politically, that is a bad thing to do. President G.W. Bush and the GOP acted like they were intentionally out to piss off their fiscally conservative, Libertarian leaning base for most of his time in the White House. Clearly, that strategy didn’t work out too well for them, loosing both houses of Congress and the White House.

Now it seems that our Dear Leader is following yet another bad example set by former President G.W. Bush, i.e. pissing off his base. A lot of the really far left moonbat wackos aren’t happy because he isn’t putting enough admitted communists in positions of power and now it seems that classic liberal, minivan driving, soccer moms are starting to get pissed off our Dear Leader raiding their kids, and future grandkids, college funds through out of control spending and taxes.

Tea Party Attending Liberal Soccer Mom

Tea Party Attending Liberal Soccer Mom

I’m betting that the owner of this minivan voted for our Dear Leader and isn’t happy with how that turned out.

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