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Morning Round Up Post

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

ATF Head Melson Secretly Testifies, Without Notice to ATF or Department of Justice

Accused Fort Hood Shooter, Major Nidal Hasan, to Have Military Trial, Face Death Penalty

Jake Tapper: Gee, Maybe The Media Does Sort of Pounce on Republican Gaffes While Ignoring Obama’s Gaffes

Federal Wiretapping, Like Almost Everything Else, Bigger Under Obama Than Under the Horrible, Evil Republican he Replaced

Three things you can do for liberty

Liberal Minds: A Walking Contradiction

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

A liberal….

worships President Franklin D Roosevelt, who carpet bombed German cities and executed an American-born spy captured on US soil after a secret military trial—but screams that Bush was guilty of war crimes;

is crazy about Michael Moore—but against childhood obesity;

tapes over a sign that said “Too Many Jews At Harvard” with a sign that said “Ethnic Quotas This Way”;

is enraged with Karl Rove for releasing the name of a CIA paper-pusher (which he didn’t do)—-but are excited with WikiLeaks putting thousands of classified national security documents on the Internet;

categorically opposes the death penalty for convicted murderers—but screams it’s a ‘constitutional right’ to kill innocent, unborn babies;

hysterically opposed taking out Saddam Hussein, a mass murderer who gassed his own people and presided over ‘rape rooms’—but weepily demands we intervene in Rwanda and Lybia for humantarian reasons;

claims to be pro-children—but supports public schools and refuses to support charter schools;

champions women and gay rights—but ignores the brutal treatment of women and gays by Muslims;

claims it was a vicious slander to be called a communist in the fifties—-but didn’t see anything wrong with actually being a communist in the fifties;

advocates unfettered scientific research and debate—but  then, with no evidence, simply declares discussions about global warming closed;

yelps for clean alternative energy—bit violently opposes nuclear power;

supports sustainable energy sources like offshore wind farms—-unless the offshore wind farm obscures their view from Cape Cod;

decries stereotyping—but when a black conservative comes along, denounces that person as ‘unqualified’, ‘stupid’, a ‘house nigga’, an ‘Uncle Tom’ or ‘window dressing’;

believes Tea Partiers are terrorists—but Islamic Jihadists are victims.

HT to TalkStraight

MetroWest Martial Arts & Wellness Reopening!

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

MetroWest Martial Arts and Wellness has been closed down for several months as it moves to a much better location.

That move is almost complete! There was a delay while the local building inspectors did their work, but construction is now underway and the school will be reopening soon!

The new location is 74 Otis Street, Westborough, MA 01581.

I, for one, am looking forward to getting back to teaching and studying with the other instructors at MetroWest Martial Arts.

For more details, check out the MetroWest Martial Arts Facebook page.

Originally posted at my Shaolin Kempo blog.

Statue of George Washington

Monday, July 4th, 2011

A statue of George Washington in the National Museum of American History. Done in the classic Greek style, it’s tending toward the ‘deification’ that Washington was never comfortable with.

Originally posted at Slices of Life blog.

Independence Day Quote of the Day

Monday, July 4th, 2011

“Races didn’t bother the Americans. They were something a lot better than any race. They were a People. They were the first self-constituted, self-declared, self-created People in the history of the world.”

— Archibald MacLeish

Happy Independence Day!

Monday, July 4th, 2011

I’ll be watching 1776 today, it’s a annual tradition.

Also on the watch list for today is An American Carol.  Funny, educational and a bit dangerous to make with the current blacklisting going on in Hollywood.


Friday B-Movie Pick: 1776

Friday, July 1st, 2011


This close to July 4th, I gotta go with the 1972 film version of the Broadway musical 1776. William Daniels is quite good as John Adams, but it is Howard Da Silva as Benjamin Franklin who steals the show.

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