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An alternative to coffeeshops for “freelancers”

Friday, August 14th, 2009

There has been a fair amount of whining over this Wall Street Journal story about coffee houses rousing deadbeats taking up space that paying customers could be in.

What started as a good practice to bring in customers, providing free WiFi access to the Internet, has been abused by freeloaders and deadbeats, causing coffeeshops to start denying power for laptops and declaring laptop free hours.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us you deadbeats.  If you are going to take up space in a place of business, like a coffee shop, how about patronizing the business?   One cup of drip coffee, which you leave untouched as you sit for hours on end, taking advantage of the free WiFi, does not count as patronizing the business.  Buy a couple of bagels at least!

Here is something these so called “freelancers” (i.e. deadbeats) can do instead of whining about their “careers” are coming to an end, visit your local public library.  Odds are that there is free Internet access there.   It may not be as “hip” as freeloading at the local coffeeshop, but are you interested in getting your work done, or merely projecting the image of being productive when you are actually just hanging out?

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