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Monday Book Pick: The Martian

Monday, December 14th, 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir

A fun SciFi adventure read. By adventure, I mean someone else in a huge amount of trouble, very far away from me. Quick summary, astronaut Mark Watney gets left on Mars when his team has to leave Mars in a large hurry because a really big sandstorm is about to tip over their ascent vehicle. He’s injured on the way to the ascent vehicle, knocked out with his bio monitor destroyed. So it looks like he’s dead to the rest of the team. Watney’s challenge is to survive long enough to be noticed, and then rescued. This reminded me of a Heinlein juvenile, which is a good thing. A fun and engaging read.

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Quote of the Day

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

“Is it gonna go to where the astronauts planted the flag?”

Texas democrat and member of the US House of Representatives, Sheila Jackson Lee while being shown video of the Curiosity rover on Mars during a visit to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.

I was going to post this without comment, but frag it, statements that stupid deserve comment.

The democrat from Texas, representing the district the Johnson Space Center is in, is so bloody ignorant of not so distant American history, that she doesn’t know that in 1969, Americans walked on Earth’s moon, not Mars.

This is beyond the level of ignorance so called “tolerant” liberals accuse Republicans in their fantasies.  If anyone with a “R” behind their name, every news talking head would be leading their broadcast and the propagandists at NBC “News” would special graphic and running it constantly.

Since the Congressperson in question is a far left extremist liberal democrat, you can count on hearing crickets chirping before CNN runs this.

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Obama: Billions for ACORN, but not for the Exploration of Space!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

This isn’t new news, I ran the same headline back in September.

Well it’s back in the news, including a link at Instapundit.

When the White House releases his budget proposal Monday, there will be no money for the Constellation program that was supposed to return humans to the moon by 2020. The troubled and expensive Ares I rocket that was to replace the space shuttle to ferry humans to space will be gone, along with money for its bigger brother, the Ares V cargo rocket that was to launch the fuel and supplies needed to take humans back to the moon.

There will be no lunar landers, no moon bases, no Constellation program at all.

So no money for the exploration of space, but our Dear Leader still wants to give billions of tax payers dollars to the crooks at ACORN.

This is yet another really bad move on the part of Team Lightbringer. As I said in back in September.

One thing that is clear from the American space program is that it created high paying, high tech jobs that contributed to the health of the American economy and spin off technology that has not just benefited America, but humanity as a whole. I’m not talking just Tang and Velcro here folks. The GPS system and satellite TV just two examples of space program spin off technologies that are still driving growth industries today. The weather satellite system that makes it possible to produce enough food to make famine obsolete is also a product of the US space program.

Ya, I said enough food to make famine obsolete. Let’s be honest here people, any wide spread famine on this planet in the last couple of decades has been the result of politics and not the lack of ability to produce or deliver the food.

To recap, an additional $3 billion a year to NASA would once again put Americans on the Moon. It would also be highly beneficial to the US economy by fueling the high tech industry, putting skilled American engineers back to work and producing a very noticable “trickle down” (more like a monsoon) effect on the industries that support that high tech economy. It would also spark an renewed interest in the sciences in American schools and universities, and promote a sense of adventure in America in a positive and constructive endeavor.

Instead, our Dear Leader and the s0-called democrat “leadership” in Congress would rather pour that tax payer money down the drain by giving it to their political allies who are under investigation for massive vote fraud in multiple states.

Is this the “Hope and Change” you were expecting?

Mr. Reynolds points out that he spoke to “some folks at the International Space Development Conference a couple of years ago who were really high on Obama — they thought he’d emulate JFK when it came to space policy.”  Smart folks, but clearly delusional when it comes to politics.  There is nothing in our Dear Leader‘s thin resume that suggests the he is pro-science in general, and he certainly has never been pro-space exploration. The worst part is that these same people would probably vote for Obama and his Socialist policies again, much like a battered wife with a black eye telling a police officer that her abusive husband “really loves her.”  Pathetic.

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