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Low information network

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

…for low information voters.  Yup, that would be the far left extremists at the so-called “news network” MSNBC.

Let’s review the facts of the matter, Pew Research studies have shown that MSNBC content is only 15% actual news.

Compare that to the Emmanuel Goldstein of every “open minded” so-called “progressive”, Fox News, which is much more “Fair and Balanced” with a commentary/News ratio of 55%/45%.  That’s right, dear readers, you get three times more actual news at Fox News than you do at MSNBC.

Now let us take a look at some of the mis-information MSNBC is passing on to it’s core audience of low information voters.   Hot Hair has a couple of videos that illustrate how MSNBC carefully edits the information they pass to their viewers in order to advance their left wing extremist political agenda.  In the first video, the MSNBC talking heads go to great length to imply that Senator Cruz lacks a basic understanding of the Heller case, as well as a basic understanding of the Constitution itself.   In order to promote their politically motivated commentary, they have to ignore what Senator Cruz said in the second video, which is from the same hearing they are attacking him over! In the second clip, Senator Cruz notes that he argued the Heller case before the Supreme Court (which he won), and shreds the case the MSNBC talking heads tried to make.  Just to add insult to injury, one of the MSNBC talking heads, who is supposed to be their token conservative, accuses the NRA of playing games with language for using the correct term “semi-automatic” rifle instead of the nonsense term “Assault Weapon.”  Anyone who has bother to do the basic research on the subject would know that the term “Assault Weapon” was coined by victim disarmament activist Josh Sugarman.  He deliberately wanted to confuse people by implying that semi-automatic weapons were fully automatic weapons that have been under strict federal regulation since 1936.

Another example is Rachel Maddow, supposedly the “smart” one at MSNBC attacking House Minority Leader Boehner for, correctly, stating that US Constitution has a preamble. Here is a video of Maddow claiming that the US Constitution doesn’t have a preamble.

My theory is that Maddow really is aware that the Constitution has a preamble, but is smart enough to know that most of her core audience aren’t the type to actually read the US Constitution.  Even the ever so small minority of those viewers who are aware that she made a mistake, wouldn’t admit it, since it goes against their political agenda.  For the left, their political agenda always trumps the truth.


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