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No recession at the White House, Part II

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Part I was our Dear Leader’s wife venturing out casually wearing $540 French designer sneakers.

Now it’s a tax payer funded “date night” trip to New York City on Air Force One our Dear Leader and his wife, while unemployment is climbing to Carter Era levels and Government Motors is expected to file for bankruptcy on Monday.

Our Dear Leader was “ready to rule on day one“, what he wasn’t ready for was to be the President of the United States of America.

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A disturbing fact about Obama Supreme Court pick Sotomayor

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

According to the American Bar Association, Judge Sotomayor is a member of the National Council of La Raza.

Let us review what “La Raza” is. First thing, lets translate “La Raza” from Spanish to English. It means “The Race.” It is a Hispanic supremacy group with a fairly nasty history.

Sotomayor is very likely to be appointed to the supreme court. Our Dear Leader has a lot of political capital and his party has a very strong majority in Congress. That doesn’t mean that the Republican minority should roll over and rubber stamp her nomination.

Her legal history and rulings as a judge should be addressed and she should have to answer serious questions about them.

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The headline the MSM will never run

Friday, May 15th, 2009

President Obama says, “The Tea Party protesters were right!”

That is the headline the MSM won’t run. The only part of it that isn’t true, is that our Dear Leader didn’t have the testicular fortitude to come out and say it.
What he did say is exactly what the tea party protesters were complaining about:

President Barack Obama, calling current deficit spending “unsustainable,” warned of skyrocketing interest rates for consumers if the U.S. continues to finance government by borrowing from other countries.
“We can’t keep on just borrowing from China,” Obama said at a town-hall meeting in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, outside Albuquerque. “We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future with more and more debt.”

Holders of U.S. debt will eventually “get tired” of buying it, causing interest rates on everything from auto loans to home mortgages to increase, Obama said. “It will have a dampening effect on our economy.”

Kim Priestap points out the extreme hypocrisy of BHO’s behavior.

What a joke. Obama sends our deficit and debt levels into the stratosphere, and he has the nerve to actually lecture us about how dangerous that is. That is what the tea parties were all about. Hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the streets on April 15 to protest the outrageous spending the government has been doing under his watch, and what was his reaction? He ridiculed them. Then a few weeks later he goes to New Mexico and delivers a lecture about how irresponsible it is to spend money we don’t have. The gall.

Now that he has put us into the untenable position of having to borrow so much from China, he turns around and says we have to shore up health care. That means the government will spend even more money we don’t have to meddle in our lives.

That’s right kids, the Community Organizer in Chief is going to use this as an excuse to nationalize a large chunk of the National Economy. The same inefficient government hacks who run the Post Office
are going to be telling you what you can have for health care.

America elected a man with absolutely no executive experience what so ever and had never held a real job in his life. If you are surprised by his behavior, you haven’t been paying attention.

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The Global Warming Crisis is officially over.

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Oprah, a major supporter of our Dear Leader and all the politically correct celebrity causes that are popular this week gave this advice to the graduating class of Duke University,

“It’s great to have a private jet. Anyone that tells you that having your own private jet isn’t great is lying to you.”

She is clearly not concerned about the “SUV-years” per mile of carbon produced by her private jet or its effect on the environment.

But then, neither are other rich folks who fly private jets all over the place, such as Al Gore or Laurie David or the rest of the “Gulfstream Liberals.” At least Oprah is honest about it.

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The Silence of the Left

Sunday, May 10th, 2009

Dissenting Justice points out that our Dear Leader has adopted many of President George W. Bush’s policies that he and the far left attacked GWB for.

The silence from the left concerning our Dear Leader enacting the same policies is deafening and very, very predictable.

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