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Ayn Rand Meets Charles Schultz

Saturday, April 30th, 2011

By way of John Cox

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Quote of the Day

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission.” — Ayn Rand

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Today’s Robert Heinlein Quote

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

I would say that my position is not too far from that of Ayn Rand’s; that I would like to see government reduced to no more than internal police and courts, external armed forces with the other matters handled otherwise. I’m sick of the way the government sticks its nose into everything now.

Robert A. Heinlein, as quoted by J. Neil Schulman in The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana

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