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“Your Papers Please!” Part 2

May 23, 2010 – 09:06 | by admin

As in Part 1, we are not talking about the Arizona law that has wide support among Arizonian citizens.

The group that is having their civil rights violated by authorities demanding to see their “identity papers” is the graduating class of a Kalamazoo, Michigan high school.

The evil, anti-civil rights group that is demanding that these kids prove their citizenship, the Obama White House.  That’s right, Barack Hussein Obama, current President of these here United States and head of the democrat party.

Our Dear Leader wants a photo op at an American high school, and plans on personally shaking the hand of every graduating senior.  Before these high school kids from a “fly over state” are going to be allowed near BHO, who BTW called the recent Arizona law “misguided” and ordered the Justice Department to investigate to see whether the law violates civil rights of illegal aliens, they will have to produce for the authorities:

  1. Their full name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Social Security Number
  4. Proof of Citizenship

The smell of the leftist hypocrisy is pretty thick on this Charlie Fox.

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  1. One Response to ““Your Papers Please!” Part 2”

  2. By Leslie Bates on May 25, 2010 | Reply

    I had to present my birth certificate when I enlisted in the United States Army Reserve in 1982. I do not believe that it is in any way unreasonable for the Constitutional Commander in Chief to do the same.

    The refusal to show the birth certificate means that he doesn’t meet the constitutionally mandated qualification of citizenship by birth, or he is showing contempt for the citizens, who together constitute the sovereign authority of the United States. (It says “We The People” for a reason…)

    Contempt for the sovereign authority is in pre-constitutional tradition and in practical effect treason.

    What are your questions on this block of instruction?

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