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Was David Gregory drunk on the air again?

October 18, 2011 – 07:24 | by admin

Alternate question, is he actually just that stupid?  These question are raised because of his “performance” on last Sunday’s Meet the Press.  Let’s review the transcript:

MR. CAIN: We replace capital gains tax. We replace the payroll tax. We replace corporate income tax, replace personal income tax, and replace the death tax. It is a replacement tax structure.

MR. GREGORY: But where do state taxes go? You’re saying they’re going to be repealed?

MR. CAIN: If you–with the current structure, you have state taxes, right? So with this new structure, you’re still going to have taxes–state taxes. That is muddying the water.

MR. GREGORY: How so?

MR. CAIN: Because today, under the current tax code, state taxes are there if they have it. If they don’t have a state taxes, they don’t have it. It has nothing to do with this replacement structure for the federal tax code.

MR. GREGORY: But that doesn’t make any sense to me. If I’m already paying state taxes, and I have a new Cain administration national sales tax, I’ve got more state taxes.

Mr. Gregory appears to be deeply confused on the difference between State taxes and a sales tax.  He is either spiking his coffee and hosting a national political talk show drunk or is completely incompetent for the position he holds.  The other explanation is that does know the difference, but is deliberately attempting to confuse the issue in order to make the current Republican front runner look bad.  That last option points to a deep and widespread far left wing extremist media bias at NBC News/MSNBC.

So which is it? Drunk, incompetent or deliberately attempting to mislead the American people?

HT to Mr. Reynolds

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