The media’s skewed focus

Blonde Housewife posts the following accurate assessment of the media’s level of focus on Gov. Romney and our Dear Leader.

So we know Mit Romney picked on a kid in 1965. Swell. We still have not seen President Obama’s grades, former girlfriends, medical records or anyone that was ever instructed by him while he was allegedly a law professor. And he never heard a word of what Jeremiah Wright’s radical church said for 20 years. Or hanging out with a member of the Weather Underground who attempted to bomb 1 Police Plaza in New York City.

But we know the President supports gay marriage. Marvelous, he now shares the same opinion on the matter that Dick Cheney has. How forward thinking.

So anyway, the President is going to a 40 thousand dollar a plate fund raiser tonight at George Clooney’s house. And I should point out the fact that President Obama has been to more fundraisers than the last five Presidents. Combined.

And I still have yet to see the unemployment numbers being changed mentioned in the mainstream media today. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the amount of interference they are running for this President.

Over at Breitbart, they have been documenting how the Washington Post hit piece is being edited on the fly as the facts come out that destroy their carefully crafted narrative.

I wonder if the Washington Post will publish how our Dear Leader bullied a black girl when he was in school?

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