The Hypocrisy of the Left Knows No Bounds

I saw a leftist ranting on Facebook ranting because a firearm retailer was raffling off a semi-automatic rifle.

Now he called this popular firearm an “assault rifle.” The leftist in question is actually fairly intelligent and well educated. Calling a semi-automatic rifle an “assault rifle” is a sign of ignorance or a deliberate lie committed to create confusion in order to promote an extremist anti-civil rights political agenda. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion in this case.

The same leftist is still ranting about the murders committed in Newtown, committed by a mentally ill adult who violated multiple existing laws in order to obtain firearms he couldn’t obtain legally. When asked about the over three hundred Mexicans killed by semi-automatic rifles supplied to Mexican drug cartels by President Obama’s “Fast & Furious” illegal gun running program, he responded that he “didn’t care.” He also doesn’t care that as many children are killed in drug gang related firearm violence in Chicago every year as were slain in Newtown. Is it because the children in Newtown were mostly White, while the three hundred Mexicans were mostly had brown colored skin and the children in Chicago had mostly black colored skin? Given the left’s history of institutional racism, it would not be surprising. It could also be that his so called “outrage” is politically motivated. Over three hundred Mexicans murdered by Obama’s illegal gun running program or dozens of children killed in Obama’s home town of Chicago doesn’t promote his far left extremist agenda. So he ignores them and repeats leftist talking points instead of engaging in rational debate. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion in this case.

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