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OWS Roundup

November 13, 2011 – 10:54 | by admin

Just in case you were not up to speed on the latest on the so called “Occupy” movement, here is a roundup.

2 deaths at Occupy protests in California and Vermont. One looks like murder and the other is being considered a suicide.

Tuberculosis Breaks Out At “Occupy” Atlanta

In New York City, the illegal trespassers who don’t know just what they are “protesting” against, are coming down with “Zuccotti lung.” in rising numbers.
Wait! It gets better!

With little sleep in cold conditions, cigarettes and drinks being passed from mouth to mouth, and few opportunities to wash hands, Zuccotti Park may now just be the best place to catch respiratory viruses, norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting virus) and tuberculosis, according to one doctor.

The damp clothing and cardboard signs wet with rain are also breeding grounds for mold. Some protesters are urinating in bottles and leaving food trash discarded throughout the campground, providing further opportunities for nastiness.

“Pretty much everything here is a good way to get sick,” Salvatore Cipolla, 23, from Long Island, told the Times. “It’ll definitely thin the herd.”

Some protesters have refused free flu shots, citing a “government conspiracy,” the Times said.

“One Percenter” J-Zay selling “occupy” themed t-shirts and is keeping all the profits. Yes, he is playing those idiots for suckers while claiming to “support” them. Lenin had it right. They are “useful idiots.”

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