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Obama’s broken promise on Transparency

July 23, 2009 – 10:40 | by Mark Urbin

Remember the left going completely and utterly batshit over the “closed meetings” VP Cheney had on energy policy? Remember how Candidate Obama was going to have his Presidency be “transparent”, so such evil would not occur again? Well, that was just a line of bullshit he feed the gullible, and useful, idiots who voted for him. I found this illustrative bit of information on tumblr that shows use how in some ways our Dear Leader is just G.W. Bush on steroids:

Cheney Obama refuses to release visitor logs showing which energy health care company executives visited the White House.

Late Update: It’s an especially painful continuation of Bush policies since candidate Obama promised to let CSPAN in to cover the creation of a health care bill and his campaign website still promises transparency in meetings between White House staff and outside interests.

That’s right suckers, you got bamboozled! Obamaboozled to be precise and it’s not the first time, and it’s not not going to be the last. I wonder how many lefty moonbats are aware that our Dear Leader‘s “Science Czar” is against a “woman’s right to choose”?

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