Obama regime makes another move against States Rights

Regardless of your opinion of the ethics of the death penalty, it has alway been seen as a power legally exercised by the individual states.  Some states have it, other don’t, but it is up to each state to decide.

Not so under the Obama regime. Our Dear Leader‘s “Justice” department has instructed the DEA to seize  state government’s supply of sodium thiopental.  That is part of a three drug cocktail typically used in lethal injection executions.   By having the DEA seize this drug using rather sketch “concerns” about the way the drug was imported, which interestingly enough, the DEA/Justice department will no longer discuss.

If our Dear Leader doesn’t like the fact that some states still carry out the death penalty, he should have the guts to come out and say it, rather than hiding behind DEA raids where the agency refuses to discuss the reasons behind the agency seizing the property of state governments.

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