Obama is in China

I guess he had to check in with the Communist Chinese government, since they hold the mortgage on his Presidency.

I wonder if he is going to check on those training programs in China the US taxpayer paid for.

Update: Dana Milbank points out in the Washington Post that getting out of the country when bad economic news hits is how our Dear Leader rolls:

Unemployment hits 9.4 percent. President Obama flies to France.

Joblessness reaches 9.7 percent. Obama jets off to Denmark.

The rate of those out of work soars to 10.2 percent. Obama packs his bags for Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea.

Faced with the worst domestic economy in decades, the president has responded — by setting a record for foreign travel.

[…] Obama was safely over Canada when his Treasury Department announced another record monthly budget deficit.

The economy clearly isn’t much of an issue for our Dear Leader, since there is clearly no recession at the Obama White House.

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