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Obama is getting desperate

August 12, 2009 – 22:34 | by Mark Urbin

This is clear from his “speech” at his carefully packed with ringers speech in New Hampshire yesterday.

He told at least two two major whoppers in that attempt to hide the fact that a majority of Americans do understand “ObamaCare” and are very much against it.

The first was the flat out lie about AARP supporting his march to Socialism.

The second was his statement that there would be “no lines” under ObamaCare, which is a crock of shit.  Let’s look at the reality of socialized medicine in Canada and England.

Although Canada has a population smaller than California, 830,000 Canadians are currently waiting to be admitted to a hospital or to get treatment, according to a report last month in Investor’s Business Daily. In England, the waiting list is 1.8 million.

Our Dear Leader thinks he can spout any nonsense he wants and no one will check him on it. Well, he’s right in assuming that no one at CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/NY Times will ever bother to fact check the load of crap he is shoveling to the American People.

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