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Obama goes Carter

January 29, 2010 – 10:40 | by admin

Our Dear Leader had a choice to make. As I pointed out before, he could have followed the path of former two term President Bill Clinton, or the path of former one term President Jimmy Carter.

Obama decided to go Carter, big time. In last night’s State of Barack speech (it was much, much more about Barack Hussein Obama than it was the United States of America), our Dear Leader, in the face of rapidly declining popularity, and faith in, both him and his far left agenda, decided to double down on his two most unpopular programs.  Those are his so-called “health care reform” package, better known as Obamacare and the job killing “Cap and Tax” bill.

Here is all you need to know about Obamacare, Howard Dean, a medical doctor, former chair of the DNC and general al laround far left extremist barking moonbat, wants it killed.  When the far left and the majority of the Right thinks something is a bad idea, it usually is. There is also the case to be made about having to bribe US Senators, with tax payer money, to vote for it.  Senator Nelson of Nebraska was actually looking out for his state.  He knew that Obamacare would bankrupt his state with unfunded federal mandates.

Barack Hussein Obama needed to act Presidential and show the nation that he is a leader.  Instead, he gave the longest SOTU speech in over 40 years, spending most of it blaming former President Bush and lecturing the American people on how we needed to support his socialist agenda.

He failed to address how he failed to deliver on multiple campaign promises, including transparency and openness in the federal government.  He also failed to deliver on his no lobbyists in government pledge, hiring over a dozen in his administration.  He failed to “change the tone” in Washington, D.C., except to make it worse.  The Reid/Obama/Pelosi run federal government is even more hyper-partisan than it ever was, and they plan on making it even worse in the future. BHO opened up a new front by attacking the Supreme Court during the SOTU speech.

Our Dear Leader rounded out his speech by repeating a bunch of promises he made on the campaign trail that he failed to keep.  Even if he does follow through on some of them, people are still going to be asking why he waited an entire year to do anything about the economy, instead wasting it on socialized medicine that the American people don’t want.

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