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Obama administration plans to destroy the $100 Billion Space Station

July 21, 2009 – 09:40 | by Mark Urbin

Our Dear Leader’s appointees at NASA use the more PC term, “De-Orbit”, which means letting the incredibly expensive International Space Station drop out of orbit and burn. Any large leftover chunks are supposed to fall into the Pacific Ocean.

The station has cost $100 billion to put into orbit, build and maintain, so far. No plans to replace it with something useful that I’m aware of.

Hopefully, for $100 Billion, it will provide a decent lightshow for US tax payers on the way down.

Look at this way, $100 Billion is only double what the US tax payers got stuck with for BHO’s failed mortgage foreclosure scheme (it was supposed to prevent more foreclosures, instead, the numbers have shot upwards), and it’s only 20% of what Barry claims he can same in fraud and waste in the part of the American health care system that the government already runs. Personally, I’d have more faith in his scheme to inflict a socialist medical system on the American people if he cleaned up the fraud and waste in the current government run system first.

There is actual, real science being done on the ISS, so why is our Dear Leader looking to scrap it? Could it be that there isn’t enough pork for his democrat cronies in Congress to skim off it? As far as I can tell, there are no plans to replace it, even though it is a lot cheaper to go to the Moon from Earth orbit than it is to go from the bottom of Earth’s gravity well to the Moon, or Mars, or…

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  1. One Response to “Obama administration plans to destroy the $100 Billion Space Station”

  2. By Leslie Bates on Jul 21, 2009 | Reply

    Consider this: A human being living on another planetary body in this solar system or on an extrasolar planet is a human being that is not under their direct control.

    In other words, from their perspective, the space program must die.

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