No recession at the White House

Our Dear Leader & his wife are not feeling any pinch due to the current economic downturn (Thank you very much Barney Frank).

This is made quite clear by our Dear Leader‘s wife venturing out casually wearing $540 sneakers.
Way to show that our so called “leaders” are completely out of touch with the problems of everyday Americans.

Update:Smell the hypocrisy as we recall the left’s ranting over Senator McCain’s shoes, and complete lack of outrage from the DNC/MSM over our Dear Leader‘s wife wearing $540 designer sneakers from a Paris line. The only sound from the leftist media is the fawning over her ‘fashion sense.

2 thoughts on “No recession at the White House”

  1. I had the misfortune of having to listen to Air America back in March of last year. the on-air bozoids were blathering on about how Michelle Obama would be a much better First Lady than Cindy McCain, and how M.O. would be the rightful successor to Jackie Kennedy. (An obvious sign of intellectual and moral bankruptcy on their part if I ever heard one.)

    Seriously, did Pravda or the Daily Worker ever mention anything about how well groomed the Great Comrade Stalin was? EVER?!

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