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New heights in Obama Astroturfing

January 25, 2010 – 09:47 | by admin

First we get “Ellie Light.”  This devout disciple of our Dear Leader has more homes than democrat billionaire Senator John Kerry.  She has written a near idential letter to at least 47 newspapers in at least 23 different states. In each case, she claims to be a local resident.  She has made this claim in California, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Maine, and more, oh so many more.  She has even gone international, with her cloned letters appearing in Thailand and Canada.

What is it that hardcore, far left extremist supporters of our Dear Leader have with the truth?

Patterico has additional examples of cloned, Astroturf letter campaigns claiming to be independent letters of support for the far left agenda of the current administration.

Michelle Malkin points out that the “Ellie Light” Astroturf campaign is just the latest example of Obama theater.  The entire Obama campaign & administration has been Astroturf trying to pass itself off as “populism.”

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