He’s going to go Carter

The question of if our Dear Leader will move to the center after the election is coming up.  This question has been around for a while, and IMNSHO, the answer has been clear. As I said back in January:

Obama has a choice to make now. Clinton or Carter? When Billy Jeff Clinton got his ass handed to him in the 1994 midterm elections, he ditched the far left, went centrist and saved his image and got re-elected. The man actually managed to take personal credit for signing most of the Republican’s “Contract with America” list into law, completely stealing their thunder! Jimmy “Worst President in the last 50 years” Carter on the other hand descended even farther into a far left death spiral, resulting in him getting his ass handed to him in the 1980 elections. Which way will Obama go? Personally, my take is that he’s no Bill Clinton. Barack Hussein Obama has never held a real job in his life and has never had a single executive position before becoming the head of the executive branch of the United States government. He’s been wrapped in a far left socialist cocoon his entire life. So ya, I’m betting he’s gonna go Carter big time, with the same results.

I’m sticking by that prediction. Our Dear Leader is not only going to go Carter, he’s going to exceed Carter.

2 thoughts on “He’s going to go Carter”

  1. McVeigh, Ross Perot, a remarkably lackluster Republican opponent, they all came together to assist in the re-election of Bubba Clinton.

    An election where less than half of the voting populations even bothered to go the polls, and less than half of them voted for Billy Jeff Clinton. Yup, He was reelected by less than 25% of the American voters, and then he claimed to have a “mandate.”

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