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Delusional and a liar.

April 18, 2009 – 09:10 | by Mark Urbin

Extreme far hard left extremist kook Garofalo is not only spouting race based hate on MSNBC (the self-proclaimed “Obama network”), she is also stupid enough to flat out lie about verifiable facts. The Radio Equalizer checks the facts on her statements about her actions on the set of 24. The site quotes from an email from Rush Limbaugh, whom Garofalo claims she snubbed when he visited the set.

“The last time I visited the set of 24, Garofalo had not been hired to appear in the series. She was not there, she was not a member of the cast the last time I visited. I wouldn’t have wanted to meet her anyway.”

Given Garofalo’s history of not coming anywhere near the truth on just about anything, she doesn’t have much credibility on this, or any other topic.

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