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Friday B-Movie Pick: Sherlock Holmes

April 2, 2010 – 22:02 | by admin

Sherlock Holmes

Not the big budget Hollywood version that was just released on DVD/Blu-Ray, but a deliciously bad version by the same people who brought you uber-low budget Princess of Mars. I would guess that this one was done on an even lower production budget and was probably shot in about the same amount of time. The draw for SciFi geeks is Dominic Keating (best known for Star Trek: Enterprise) and Gareth David-Lloyd (who just finished up three seasons of really good SciFi in the BBC’s Torchwood). David-Lloyd played Dr. Watson and Keating played yet another brother of Sherlock Holmes. We knew about Mycroft Holmes (a founding member of the Diogenes Club) and his younger brother Sigerson. This film introduces yet another brother who’s name I can’t even remember from seeing this a few weeks ago. Even IMDB doesn’t list it. Ben Syder, in is first film role, was actually not bad as Sherlock Holmes, but again, this film isn’t high art. It’s B-Movie making at its low budget best.

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