Friday B-Movie Pick: Paul

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This nerd fest of a film is a big sloppy wet kiss, with tounge, to Steven Spielberg. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost wrote the screenplay and star as a pair of British SciFi fans who make the pilgrimage to Comic Con in San Diego. Then they start on a road trip to obsure SciFi and UFO sites, including the spot where the ST:TOS episode Arena was film in order to act out the battle between Kirk and the Gorn. Then they run into the title character, a Gray, who is colored green in the film (“Little Green Men” reference). From there it, the film becomes a drinking game as you spot every single SciFi reference slid into nearly every scene.

Oh ya, of course this film, like every episode of The Middleman, has a Wilhelm Scream.

Friday B-Movie Pick

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