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Friday B-Movie Pick: American Hustle

April 11, 2014 – 22:31 | by admin

American Hustle

This flick takes you back to the heady days of Disco, complete with the obligatory Studio 54 scene. It is based on an actual historic advent called “Abscam.” For those of you who were not alive in the 1970’s, Abscam resulted in a bunch of democrat congressmen and other democrat politicians getting arrested on corruption charges. So things really haven’t changed much. This a well crafted movie, so play attention to the details, like the political party of the corrupt politicians never getting mentioned. You will have to watch in in High Def, so you can fully appreciate the carefully crafted difference between the con man’s comb over and the federal agent’s perm induced curls. It points out that the con man was more honest than the government officials. You’ll also want the high def view of Amy Adams’ breasts. Seriously, she wears those outfits with the neckline down to her waist for a reason. She’s a con artist too, and wants the mark’s attention anywhere except what she is saying. Those tits are certainly playing a bigger role than they did in a previous B-Movie pick, “The Wedding Date.”

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