Rick Santelli: If Not For Tea Party, U.S. Would Be Rated BBB

The “money” quote:

“Blame the Tea Party? Geez, no wonder Kerry did so well in an election. If it wasn’t for the Tea Party, they would have passed the debt ceiling thumbs up, we would have been rated BBB.”

2 thoughts on “Rick Santelli: If Not For Tea Party, U.S. Would Be Rated BBB”

  1. One thing the current occupant of the White House is doing is demonstrating the true value of an elite Ivy League collage education.

    If I was sorting resumes in a hiring process I would have to put anyone with a degree from Harvard at the bottom of the pile.

  2. Well, to be fair, our Dear Leader is a graduate of the Harvard Law School, he did not go there as an undergraduate.

    Harvard actually has very excellent programs in the traditional sciences, including mathematics and computer science. A Harvard undergraduate degree in the hard hard sciences should not be a barrier to employment.

    Our Dear Leader went to Columbia undergrad. Columbia is best known as the home of American Communism, which explains a lot about our Dear Leader.

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