Obama’s Read My Lips moment is on its way

It seems that someone at CNN has finally done that math on our Dear Leader‘s programs and figured out what the rest of us did before the election.

He’s going to jack taxes through the roof.

Ace points out some highlights of the article:

…Shy of finding a fairy willing to leave trillions under Uncle Sam’s pillow, lawmakers will have to raise taxes and cut spending…
…President Obama is pledging to keep taxes low for most people…

…Experts say that’s not going to cut it.

“Taxes are going up and they’re going up for a lot more people than those making more than $250,000. Why? Math. The numbers don’t come close to working,”…

The math isn’t that hard folks, he wants to greatly expand government on top of already expanding the massive federal debt. Somebody has to pay for the programs and the interest. Even if you taxed 100% of what “the rich” make, it isn’t enough.

Below the Beltway quotes a Washington Post article that also shows the scary math.

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