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Obama: Carter on Steriods?

July 3, 2009 – 10:44 | by Mark Urbin

We already know that our Dear Leader determined to do all the things sane people didn’t like about GWB and take that foolishness to new levels (increased spending, higher deficits, expanding government).

Now he is out to prove that he can be a worse President than Jimmy Carter (by any rational measure, the worst President of the latter half of the 20th Century, and the last fifty years to boot). Unemployment is up to a record 9.5% and will probably hit double digits under the mismanagement of Team Lightbringer. Ace does have a kind word about our Dear Leader’s handling of the issue, “In the spirit of saying something nice about Obama: he’s tanked the economy very quickly.”

Another hallmark of the horrors known as the Carter administration was record high inflation and interest rates. Don’t worry, our Dear Leader has that covered. His plan to deal with the record high, back breaking, federal deficit he and his congressional democrat partners in crime have created is to jack up inflation. Only to 6% or 8%, just so they can pay off the debt with dollars that are worth less.

Wait! It gets better! How do you slow rampant inflation? You jack up interest rates! Keep in mind it will also slow or halt any economic growth, but BHO and the congressional democrats have a really sweet pension plan complete with great health coverage that their socialized health care plan for rest of American won’t effect.

You shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. Improving the economy just isn’t a priority for our Dear Leader. Massive social change and the restructuring of the function of the federal government is.

Update: Gay Patriot post: Despite Failure of “Stimulus” to Work as Advertised,
President Focuses on Regulatory Schemes, not Economic Recovery

Apparently, Obama is more interested in exploiting the economic crisis to achieve his own political goals* than to first accomplish what he was elected to do. Recall, how the polls started shifting in the Democat’s direction as the scope of the financial meltdown became clear. He used the economic downturn to his political advantage. People trusted him to fix the economy.

But, now instead of focusing on the economy, he continues forward a myriad of initiatives, many of which would place burdens on private industry, you know, companies which tend to create new jobs. Instead of getting us out of the mess that Obama “inherited,” the “stimulus” has made it worse.

Small businesses aren’t hiring because they are “paralyzed by regulatory uncertainty.” If they had greater confidence in the Administration’s economic plans, were less skeptical about its attitude toward the private sector, these employers might be expanding their businesses, hiring new workers and spurring economic growth.

Given the regulatory schemes proposed by the Obama Administration and the legislation proposed by the Democratic Congress, no wonder the economy continues to stagnate.

Here is the bottom line on the democrat’s porkulus package. It didn’t create jobs, it created work. The stuff your money is going for is mostly infrastructure construction jobs that will go away when when the federal money runs out. Work that, for the most part, should have been done already with your gas tax money. Money misspent by state governments. There were plenty of actions that the federal government could have taken that would have created lasting jobs, that would product value, and grow the economy, but that just wasn’t a priority for Barack Hussein Obama and the congressional democrats.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Obama: Carter on Steriods?”

  2. By Dave on Jul 31, 2009 | Reply

    Read the best seller “Jimmy Carter – The Liberal Left and World Chaos” by Mike Evans. It will open your eyes.
    Available at a deep discount at the link below:

  3. By Joe Spammer on Nov 13, 2010 | Reply

    construction jobs are on the rise again these days because the recession is almost over .;~

  4. By Mark Urbin on Nov 14, 2010 | Reply

    Damn Joe, get yourself to an Econ101 class! Find out the definition of a recession, how many jobs have to be created just for people entering the job force (i.e. even if jobs are being created, if the rate is too low unemployment is still going to go up)., and the difference between real job creation and temporary work created through money borrowed from China.

    Here is a hint, construction jobs are up because the “porkulus” money is just starting to get spent. That isn’t the economy creating real jobs, it’s government redistributing wealth.

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