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Obama: Billions for ACORN, but not for the Exploration of Space!

September 9, 2009 – 18:03 | by Mark Urbin

As part of our Dear Leader’s porkulus plan, the criminal thugs at ACORN are getting $5 Billion in taxpayer funds.

How many real jobs will that create?  I’m pretty confident that number is right around zero.

Now it is reported that NASA won’t be sending anybody to the moon anytime soon, that would require an additional $3 billion dollars a year.  Taxpayer money which Team Lightbringer would rather spend on a criminal enterprise.

One thing that is clear from the American space program is that it created high paying, high tech jobs that contributed to the health of the American economy and spin off technology that has not just benefited America, but humanity as a whole.  I’m not talking  just Tang and Velcro here folks.  The GPS system and satellite TV just two examples of space program spin off technologies that are still driving growth industries today.  The weather satellite system that makes it possible to produce enough food to make famine obsolete is also a product of the US space program.

Ya, I said enough food to make famine obsolete.  Let’s be honest here people, any wide spread famine on this planet in the last couple of decades has been the result of politics and not the lack of ability to produce or deliver the food.

To recap, an additional $3 billion a year to NASA would once again put Americans on the Moon.  It would also be highly beneficial to the US economy by fueling the high tech industry, putting skilled American engineers back to work and producing a very noticable “trickle down” (more like a monsoon) effect on the industries that support that high tech economy.  It would also spark an renewed interest in the sciences in American schools and universities, and promote a sense of adventure in America in a positive and constructive endevor.

Instead, our Dear Leader and the s0-called democrat “leadership” in Congress would rather pour that tax payer money down the drain by giving it to their political allies who are under investigation for massive vote fraud in multiple states.

Is this the “Hope and Change” you were expecting?

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  1. 2 Responses to “Obama: Billions for ACORN, but not for the Exploration of Space!”

  2. By AuricTech on Sep 11, 2009 | Reply

    I have two questions about your post, both inspired by this ongoing ACORN story:

    1. Since the Democrats insist on static scoring of cuts in the income tax marginal rate as revenue losses, does this mean that ACORN funding should be scored as costing more than the nominal budget item, given the organization’s propensity for encouraging tax fraud?

    2. If a purported brothel imports underage girls from El Salvador to service clients, do those girls count as created jobs? And, if I may be permitted a follow-up question, does underage prostitution count as yet another of those “jobs Americans won’t do”?

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