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Monday Morning Roundup

October 25, 2010 – 08:09 | by admin

60 Minutes Admits Unemployment is Actually 17%, 22% in California.

So This Means We Get To See Obama’s College And Law School Records, Right?

Obama Cut Your Taxes, and Other Lies Frank Rich Wants You to Believe In

Debate “Moderator” Who Scolded People For Saying the Pledge of Allegiance…A Former ACORN Hacktivist

A look at the facts leading up to the current economic downturn

A couple of Key Quotes to keep in mind:

MA democrat Barney Frank: “I think it is clear that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are sufficiently secure so they are in no great danger… I don’t think we face a crisis; I don’t think that we have an impending disaster. …Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac do very good work, and they are not endangering the fiscal health of this country.”

CA democrat Maxine Waters: “I have sat through nearly a dozen hearings where, frankly, we were trying to fix something that wasn’t broke. [sic] …These GSEs have more than adequate capital for the business they are in: providing affordable housing. As I mentioned, we should not be making radical or fundamental change… If there is anything to fix or improve, it is the [regulators].”

Stimulus Failure: 48 Out of 50 States Lost Jobs Since Democrats Trillion Dollar Stimulus Plan

Dems Back Third Parties to Siphon Votes from GOP

Election Fraud Uncovered by Patriotic Citizens … Who Promptly Get Sued by the state democrat party!

AZ Group Accused of Massive Voter Fraud Is Offshoot of SEIU

SEIU Offshoot Mi Familia Vota Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations

Uncle Sam Funds ACORN Poll Workers, but Tea Party Group Investigated

Obama White House takes credit for Bush-era wind farm jobs

Illinois Soldiers Wait for Ballots, Prisoners Get Hand Delivery

Show ID to Vote

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