Comparing Barry’s view to reality.

First, our Dear leader claims that worst of the recession that started when democrats took over congress is over.

Hmmm…let’s see, the “official” unemployment rate is still 9.5% and real unemployment is still in the 15% range.

New unemployment claims have hit a six month high, and unemployment among the young is breaking new records under the economic policies of democrat control of both Congress and the White House. Policies that have added another $165 billion to the deficit in the month of July alone.

Let’s not forget the stock market, which seems stalled around 10K.

Let’s review the facts here, when the Republicans controlled both Congress and the White House, unemployment was under 5% for most of the time and not much over the rest, and the Dow was soaring over 13K.

When Barry made that idiotic statement about not letting the Republicans have the keys to car back, he was really hoping that most American voters can’t remember anything prior to 2007.

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